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Re: McCammon's 6 risk factors for avalanche risk

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 8:07 pm
Funny to read this topic here.

I just ordered a new backcountry ABS pack a few days ago. Figured it was time to update my kit with an airbag system when I head West this winter.
I'm partial to the model name. 😎
Poacher 18l RAS
A quick YouTube search shows some pretty horrible slides people walk away from using the ABS systems.
(not guaranteed 100%..... or if you get funneled over a cliff) This one at 1:56 is a bit intense.

I told my buddy that I'm deploying right when we set foot in the cat and riding around all day with the enormous bag inflated the entire time to be safer....🤣

Re: McCammon's 6 risk factors for avalanche risk

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:49 am
by ToeKnee
Ya Poacher, I want one of those, I got out of the ski biz before they were invented. I do like skiing and kite skiing the steeps. Avy airbags seem very effective. But we should think of these as safety adjuncts, not something to rely on. Like, you don't want to be counting on the airbags in your car to save your life on a regular basis. Not that you said that Poach, you didn't,
just making a point for all. If that link doesn't work search 'wills wing why can't we get a handle on this safety thing'.

Back to the general safety topic, here's another article from a different sport:'t-we- ... fety-thing .
The gist - we keep geting away with shtuff again and again, finaly statistics say "not this time".
So, I look at this snowkite vid I just posted. Winds are strong enough at times for my rarely used 7.5 meter kite, an old HQ with a tophat release. Yet, there I am dinking around just upwind from a bunch of snowmachines. At the time I'm thinking, 'just release if the wind comes up'. Up there in the back country, short, cold days, shouldn't be taking any chances. Especially with an oddball release system, different than all my other kites/bars. Maybe only a wee bit dangerous but eventually I'll get bit if I keep that up.