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naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

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Re: naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

Postby biasbilt » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:09 pm

The pivots are grungy, but not a size smaller as they are very controllable when overpowered. We’ve got 12/10/8 and a 6 ozone as my wife uses the next size down from what I’m on. I spent a week in Cape Verde with wind blowing 25-35mph (slightly less than knots) on the 8, rarely de-powered and had great jumping. As I’m 90-95kg, I reckon the 7m would be sweet for you in 35knots. Also, the jump from 9 to 6 is a big gap percentage wise e.g. 12 to 9 =75%, 9 to 7 = 77.8% and 9 to 6 =66% of the size

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Re: naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

Postby jonysan » Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:23 pm

Hi, You weight a fraction more than me, (75K) I ride Pivots in UK conditions and air temp, using 12 , 9, 7, m. If I could justify the purchase I would get a 6m for the occasional f***king windy times. but I think you will be fine with 12,9, 7. mine are 2018, I think you will like the 2019/2020's ,

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Re: naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

Postby rleshem » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:28 am

I would do 12 9 7.

I have 12 10 8. I can ride the 8 gusting to 40mph but that’s the max. So 7 would be fine for you.

6m is good when the wind is consistently 30knots and above.

I went from switchblade to pivot last year since I started doing strapless surfboard (while still twin tipping ) and I found the switchblade too slow and heavy for strapless (I used the 2016 switchblade).

I really like the pivot - you’ll be happy. Great jumping fast turning - fun kite. If you are only on a twintip than the switchblade will be great too. It’s a little slower than the pivot and less reactive. If you are doing spins under the kite that maybe actually be good as the kite remains above you. The pop on is fun.

The only other kite I considered but have not tried was the Evo - it’s probably similar to the pivot and I heard really good things.
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Re: naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

Postby andrzej351 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:45 pm

Hi. I have pivots from 7m to 14m from 2019-2020. The 2019 models are great and the 2020 is even better. You will definitely be happy choosing these kites :thumb:

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Re: naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

Postby tautologies » Mon Feb 10, 2020 11:35 pm

WillemsD wrote:
Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:02 pm
Pivot 12/9/7
This sounds like a great set up. To what extent you select the 6 depends on a few things. For instance are you comfortable handling power? How powered do you like to tide. Are the ranges set where the upper limit is 35 or is the 35 the avg speed where you will pump well into the 40ties?

The 7 can easily handle the wind you describe, but other things also impact this. One thing you could consider would be a 12 - 9 pivot and 7 Slash. It is a little less aggressive than the pivot and even if it doesn't jump quite with the same pull, it jumps really well. It also feels very stable while very powered.

The pivot quiver will serve you really well.

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Re: naish pivot 3 set quiver: 12/9/7 or 12/9/6

Postby Havre » Tue Feb 11, 2020 12:39 am

12 9 6 doesn't make any sense. 3m is not the same from 12 to 9 as 9 to 6.

11 8 6 would work.

I'm a lot heavier so difficult to compare (100kg+), but I have never used my 7. And adjusting trim I have never been dangerously overpowered on my 9.

How often will you have smooth enjoyable days on a 6? For people above 50kg I would argue that is not many on a TT.

On the flip side if days with 12 are generally speaking boring then you don't lose much by going 11 8 6.

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