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Relaunching Edge in really low wind

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Relaunching Edge in really low wind

Postby knyfe » Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:04 am

So far I used my beloved edges only at the top end of the wind and never had issues relaunching on a dime. Now that I realized that they are great for foiling I run into the issue that I can foil easily with the 11 in marginal winds where I can’t relaunch the 11 ;-)

In the old days I would have added a 5th for flipping the kite (which worked wonders on many different kites) but I am not so sure if it actually would help the Edge. Other suggestions - other than investing into a different kite of course. ...


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Re: Relaunching Edge in really low wind

Postby evan » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:55 am

Add a 5fth if you don't want to switch to another kite!

The Edge has a hard lower limit for relaunching due to the high aspect ratio and small wingtips. The relaunch limit sits above the limit to keep it flying. You can perfectly ride around on a foil in minimal wind, but once you drop it you swim.

All riders here switched from edges to foil specific tube kites or foil kites for light days to have a bigger chance of relaunching.

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Re: Relaunching Edge in really low wind

Postby ShaveTheWhales » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:55 am

This method works well, practice in shallow water first to get an idea of how much line you need to pull.
You dont want to be learning this if your wind is disappearing quickly..

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Re: Relaunching Edge in really low wind

Postby joriws » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:04 am

You want additional suggestion to mod your current kite, so here you are.
  • TE bridle to gain more backstall to reverse kite into sky from the middle of powerzone like FS Boosts in larger sizes (15 & 18).
  • Channels between canopy and LE bladder to allow water on top of bladder to leak away. Usually water on top of LE make kite impossible to turn on side in LW.
  • I don't know your bar, but use bar with low Y that you can grab f.ex right front line and left steering line to turn kite. *edit* ^- switch relaunch video explains this bar suggestion.
TE bridle example picture from FS Cronix. It was the easiest pic to find to display the TE-bridle concept. Although Cronix used hybrid batten & rib-bladder as you can see.

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Re: Relaunching Edge in really low wind

Postby airsail » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:24 pm

Owned the 11 Edge for foiling but sold it and replaced it with a 12 Soul due to the iffy relaunch in lower wind strength. Yes, it got me going in the light stuff kind of but it is bloody heavy and in the wind needed to keep it flying you were almost overpowered when up on the foil. Had a couple of swim ins when I foiled into a lull, didn’t know it until I tried to turn and the kite fell in the water.
I still use the 9 Edge for foiling as it is there tends to be enough wind for relaunch when I use it. LEI’s aren’t in the league of foil kites but excel in simplicity for self launch and landing in higher winds and the edge has good upwind performance.

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Re: Relaunching Edge in really low wind

Postby Herman » Tue Mar 24, 2020 8:26 pm

I guessing you already know the key to light wind launching an LEI is trimming in and getting the kite on it's back. A 5th line makes that easy but I have been able to get a lot of 4 line kites on their back by pulling in a lot of center line then releasing and swimming towards the kite (pulling in enough center line is more important than the swim imho). Sadly have not flown edges. A low V makes it easier to swing kite with a front line so the upper edge gets downwind. Much easier and predictable in flat water. Never felt the need for TE bridles, might be useful in rough water if the wind goes light and you ride where you can't just drift in!

For those looking in I would emphasize the benefits of trimming in for a light wind relaunch of an LEI, (unless you are trying to reverse launch, in that case trim out).

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