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Where Should I Move To Retire & Kite?

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Re: Where Should I Move To Retire & Kite?

Postby marioparacuru » Mon Sep 13, 2021 1:39 am

Let me tell you guys a secret...
First of all I'm brazillian Kitesurf instructor with hundreds of friends and clients around the world. I've been in some countries like Africa, Spain, Italy, USA for kitesurfing so I can compare.
First, lets have some considerations about Brazil and specially my sweet spot, Paracuru:

- you need $100k investment to get a permanent visa.
- if you want wind all year long, focus in the 300km coast from Fortaleza up to the north.
- If you like surf and kitewave, record this names: Taíba and Paracuru (70km away).
- Cumbuco is not good for kite wave. It's just the first and biggest spot you gonna find cause it's near the big city, Fortaleza. It's more dangerous than the other spots. It's more crowded than the other spots.
- Most of the beach towns are pretty safe. No one feel unsafe here. I leave my buggy on the beach with the keys and gear inside while I'm doing my sessions. Who does that and where?? So you can understand how safe it is.
- We can travel with cars and buggies on the beach between the towns which make the downwinds more interesting.
- We have absurdly amazing kitetrips options on the coast with 4x4 cars following us on the beach.
- You can have a decent lunch for $2.50 (my daily lunch) or pay some $10 for a top class restaurant.
- You can have a comfortable life with $1000 a month.
- You can live like a king with $2000 a month.
- There will be at least 180 windy days in a year (Paracuru).
- The average wave faces are 2m (6 feet). Its not crowded. - Wind start 7am and last all day long.
- Sunrise is 5:30am and sunset 5:30pm, all year long.
- Ocean is warm all year long.
- Temperature is between 25C and 32C all year long.
- You can buy a house starting from $30k.
- You can rent a house for $200/monthly.
- You can rent a VIP room in my house for $300/monthly (and this includes many services in a beautiful spacious house near the spot).
- There's 10km in secret wave spots between Paracuru and Taiba (I know it all).
- The best wave session is 7am with side-off wind although almost nobody go that early.
- You gonna need a 7m kite. I use a 5.5m kite almost everyday (I'm 65kg).
- Don't bring your fancy duotone board. You can buy a wonderful board, 3d epoxy made, decent quality for $400.
- Wind mostly vary from 17-25 knots.
- Wind probability is 95% from August till December.
- In the winter comes the big swells/waves so most of us go surf although I kite all year long with maximum 10m kite.
- Americans no longer need a VISA to come to Brazil. Just buy your ticket.
- The only brazillian female in the world surf league is from Paracuru... Wonder why?

About me:
I'm a local IKO kite instructor and I speak English and Spanish as well. I'm happy to help anyone but mostly those interested to know more info about Paracuru. I have a small Kitesurf project in town, I do repairs, sell kites (I buy mostly from USA) and I do kitetrips for one guy or groups of friends. The last 7 years I've been non-stop training wave kiting and I should have more than 2000h on it. Since last year I'm developing a method to coach wave. I'm shaping my own boards in order to improve as a wave rider. I'm happy to see people do a big improvement in such small period of time.

I can help you in any aspect of your trip to Brazil and advice you for free. No problem. Good business always come to me anyways.

The season just started and it's on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥!!!
I wanna do a complete post soon about Paracuru. Should I? 😊

Any questions talk to me in Instagram @mariokiter and I will also try to answer your questions here if it's interest of all.

See you soon!
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