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hyperlink 2, 9 or 11 m2

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Re: hyperlink 2, 9 or 11 m2

Postby Foil » Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:11 pm

as for the exact wind speed

I can't give an exact number, no one can, only my experience in the very light airs I often sail in, and the fact other hydrofoil uses around me are happily using their 15mtr foil kites, namely chrono v3 ul Chrono and 15mtr soul, and I am well happy on my 9 mtr v2 hyperlink, I could put up my 11mtr V3 chrono ulight, but for me the smaller kite gives me so much more fun, even great boosting and float, if the wind is rock steady then the 7mtr v2 hyperlink is my prefered choice if it's wavy and hyper light airs,
the difference in low wind capability between the 9mtr and 11mtr kites I own is so small I wonder why I have the 11mtr, yes its drives hard upwind a bit better but if not looking for that grunt then the 9 is just as fast off wind, jumps are very samey, the 11 giving a tad more float, but when hunting down little waves and water shape to turn into a playground then its 9mtr time - every time, unless the wind allows me drop to my smaller foil kites.
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Re: hyperlink 2, 9 or 11 m2

Postby dave1986 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:48 pm

nayy wrote:
Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:40 pm
Hi all,

doubting between the 2 sizes for light wind foiling.
70 kg, onda 633 foil.

11 will have better lowend, 9 will be more versatile...

Is there somebody who can share his usefull range for both kites on foil. (or even sufboard would be good too !)

I found a review where they claim that the 9m is usable on foil (big 633 wing) with 6-7 kn. this seems impossible to me...
I think a 9 needs 9 knots...

happy flying to all !

I would say that your low-end wind range estimates are about right in your original post (or very close).

So if you want a kite that will get you riding in 6knots then the 9m isn't the kite for you - My recommendation would be to go for an 11m or 13m, but at the sacrifice of slower turning speed (which to many kiters means less fun).

However, if you want a kite that is arguably more fun, and will get you riding in approx 8 to 9 knots+ (which is still "silly light" by most people's standards) then go for the 9m.
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nayy (Fri Jun 26, 2020 1:32 pm)
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Re: hyperlink 2, 9 or 11 m2

Postby TomW » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:03 pm

I have HL V1 UL 9m and 7m plus 13m V2.
I'm 78 kg on Moses 633, now on gong M Pro ( Curve).
I use 9m 85 % of my sessions. It's good fun from 10 knots, but if you have solid 8 it will work. Works to 18 knots. I'm using 20 m lines.
If it's blowing 8-12 knots or under I'll use the 13m as it's more fun with the extra lift and drive in those winds. But I spent a whole season using the 9m in those conditions. The 13m is a luxury and really only needed at 8 knots.

If I was you I'd get the 9m then see if you get hooked and want ultra light wind kite and get the 13m. The 11 will over power sooner and not give you enough at 8 knots.

I've found 7-9-13m quiver covers me from lightest wind to 22knots.

I have over 250 hrs on the HL V1 9 UL over 3 years. Never adjusted the mixer. Recently coated it with Granger's Fabsil and it worked well. I'll get 2 more years out of it at least.
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nayy (Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:52 pm)
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mar menor
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Re: hyperlink 2, 9 or 11 m2

Postby mar menor » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:41 pm

I have onda 633 and am 70kgs. and have 9m HL 9 (but V1 and not ultralight .I can go from 8kts (loop to start ) and then have plenty power. However at 6kt it is difficult to keep in the air and not the easiest kite to relaunch,unless you are quick.By all accounts the V2 is a big improvement,lighter and less water resistant.
I also have a PLKB 10m Nova which has better low end but what I gain at the bottom I lose at the top end.. it is easier to relaunch and super stable but slower turning.Am waiting for the newer PLKB 10m Nova in utralight (which will replace my current Nova and HL v1) reason being it will have even better low end and that is what I really need as have kites (many) that work well in 12kts plus.The Nova is also a lot less expensive.
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nayy (Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:52 pm)
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