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Say Aloha to the new Naish S25 Surfboards

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 11:58 am
by Toby
Naish News:

Say Aloha to the new S25 Surfboards

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With a wide range of performance features and all new shapes, it’s easy to find the perfect surfboard in the new Naish lineup. Whether you’re riding reef breaks or low wind days at your home spot, the Naish Surfboards were designed by Robby Naish and tested by our global team to excel in all conditions.

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In addition to our expanded board range, we offer a variety of construction options to choose from - including our brand new carbon construction. Along with the Global, GoTo and Skater, Naish is also introducing the Gecko and Strapless Wonder - two all new shapes dedicated to strapless riding. Designed and built to perform no matter what the conditions, Naish surfboards are made to give you absolute confidence on the water.

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