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Kite trackers, alternatives to Strava, Kitetracker and WOO

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Kite trackers, alternatives to Strava, Kitetracker and WOO

Postby Peert » Tue Sep 08, 2020 7:22 pm

EDIT. afte posting the below.. I only now see a post viewtopic.php?f=107&t=2406961 about SURFR app... lets study that....
Okay, this initiative is what I men't :rollgrin: :rollgrin: :rollgrin: not all I was hoping for yet but thinking likewise...

This proves that one cannot afford to not do his daily readup on kiteforum or essential topics are missed and one makes himselve ridiculous with opening a new topic for this... :oops: :oops:

End of edit.. @toby maybe merge this post in the topic above??

WOO is (I believe) since long market leader in jump height estimation tool with leaderboard etc.
Never bought one since I am not really interested to know the WOO estimates of my jump height. (I have worked in offshore survey industry long enough to know that the decimetre accuracy that the WOO reports is actually not achievable using the sensors they use.

I recently spotted that WOO has included more functions (Speed, tacks, upwind angles etc) in their paid PRO phone app that are more interesting for me. And some upcoming functionality Safety and 'live' functionality.

Great, this is new functionality as a gadget, but not something I would use every session. I now use Strava or the likes for occasional logging of speed etc. I would not be prepared to pay 7 euros for this occasionally used gimmick. Live tracking for my family or friends at the kitespot and a panic button etc? Might be worth it, let's see what they come up with.

I found in the google playstore something called KITETRACKER works fine but is just like Strava.

So frankly I don't understand why there isn't an app that uses all sensors your phone has on board to measure, guestimate everything you could using what you have... Why hasn't a kite fanatic with app building skills developed some that does it all? Also using the data available internet using API, using the communication capabilities of your phone?

Functions brain dumped in random order..

- Track speed and track (GPS)
- Calculate upwind angles tack angles (using GPS, but also use API's for measured wind direction at your location)
- Jump height (using your phones accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer /pressure sensor)
- Number of waves (from GPS track, Height of waves (accelerometer, gyro and barometer accurate enough??)
- Direction of waves
- Responds to your calls. i.e. Shout CALL MUMMY screen starts blinking green upon connection. Shout I AM LATE FOR DINNER IT IS WINDY or MAYDAY CALL LIFEGUARD (and it send location over the internet/calls preset local lifeguard phone number.
- Points with arrow in the direction your girlfriend/buddy is kiting... (can be handy on crowded spots)
- Gives notification when a friend has arrived within the geofence of the spot.
- Blinks screen and shows height when a friend (or someone else at the spot) has exceeded your max jump height of that session.
- Tells you when a friend ordered a cold beer for you at that beach club.
- Shows changes in forecast, squall and tunder warnings. (using API weather data)
-Show distress signals of others that might need help.
- Provide functionality to monitor your downwinder group.
- Gathers statistics on average max speed/ upwind angles/ windrange/ jump height etc. per kite brand and type and publishes this on the net...
- Gathers stats on wave height and directions base on user gathered data and uses this for better forecasts..
- (In winter season), gives update on number of people riding on a spot (now I need to find someone via whattsapp to make sure I am not alone on a spot. Not a good idea in winter)

The above might require a (waterproof) wrist or board mount for your phone, or connection to your smartwatch for you to be able to use some of the proposed....

I would be willing to pay a modest monthly fee for it as soon someone provides all of this, but other business models could also pay for it. Advertisements (the usual kitebrands, but also local hotels and beachclubs etc..), selling data to kite brands for development purposes.

So any kitefanatic and app developer stuck in a place without wind? Please notify me when you have built the above. Shouldn't be that difficult :D

What else would you add to this one does it all kite app? I why (the F) doesn't it exist yet? It is so obvious the whole kite community would be interested (and not only the TT stuntmen among us).

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