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Slingshot 2021 Sentry V1 Bar (any beta?)

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Re: Slingshot 2021 Sentry V1 Bar (any beta?)

Postby Greenturtle » Wed Mar 31, 2021 6:15 am

Have to lay out center lines untwisted. Um. What.

I like the idea of easy one hand click-in QR.

Plastic covered lines running thru bar , meh.

Same tried and true slingshot flying lines , good call.

To me a couple things I like about the ol’ compstick —

-small short compact QR with btb trim results in longer than average amount of bar throw range. Yay

-The Talon. Great option. Yay

- rope. Always supple. See what’s wearing. Plastic can’t crack or whatever if its not there to begin with.

-Line floats are free/not attached to bar so they don’t annoyingly bend in to center.

And the stuff I don’t like about the ol’ compstick—

-With btb trim pulled long, I feel like there is a real risk of the depower rope tangling around the harness hook in such a way that it gets stuck preventing a full release. Could happen (so probably does) Im sure there are horror stories.
-Btb trim requires umph compared to any atb system ive used.

I dunno. I would be into this sentry bar when using a classic harness hook. Having to lay out the center lines right, sheesh, I guess I could live with that.
For rope slider harness , personally, compstick+talon just has it for being so compact and in-close but still robust.

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Re: Slingshot 2021 Sentry V1 Bar (any beta?)

Postby jkrug » Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:02 pm

when i rig for a foil kite and the bar is right-side up, i usually have no problems with the twist in the center lines, it's when rigging an LEI and the bar is upside down that i often end up with the twist. the twist makes the flow of the bar much less smooth, so you have to redo the lines. i do take the time to straighten it all out with the bar pulled all the way down, but sometimes it's still wrong. a half twist at setup becomes a full twist at flight. regardless, it's so easy to just spin the swivel on other bars, why bother with this nonsense?

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Re: Slingshot 2021 Sentry V1 Bar (any beta?)

Postby granit02 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 3:21 am

Just had a look on that website, still no rope slider adaptor like the talon, not a big deal its easy enough to slip the chicken loop through the metal ring or around the rope on the rope slider.

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