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Duotone 2021 Clickbar for foiling

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Re: Duotone 2021 Clickbar for foiling

Postby oregonkiter » Tue Oct 13, 2020 4:48 pm

Tested out my modded bar last two days. Amazing what an additional 3-4" of throw does to depower kite for foiling moves where the kite sweeps overhead. Toe to heel tacks, for example, are much more difficult when kite is decently powered as it passes overhead. Much easier with additional throw.

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Re: Duotone 2021 Clickbar for foiling

Postby derek440 » Wed Oct 14, 2020 5:25 am

Yeah this was exactly my experience too, I was hitting the throw stopper on my foiling tacks and it was really putting off my weight shifting so I had someone make up a 65cm throw for me for the click bar and its way better. Very nice now. Will post a pic of what they made up for me. I also use the infexion system with the micro-leash as a backup and just run a ring on the power lines to attach, its a great system especially as I have three bars, but I also find it a pain when I'm doing a well powered upwind/downwind session on foil due to sheeting all the way in then all the way out over and over.

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Re: Duotone 2021 Clickbar for foiling

Postby haiku » Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:09 am

Hi I was out yesterday foiling with the Click Bar 2020 M and an old Naish Trip 8 m. The bar worked flawlessy, I was able to tack and jibe without any problem. I recently changed the lines lowering the V and again, no problem at all.


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duotone click bar 2020
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Re: Duotone 2021 Clickbar for foiling

Postby Foil » Wed Oct 14, 2020 10:23 am

I now use the duotone click bar, 2020, for hydrofoiling, I have used the north click bar for many long years on lei kites and Ttips, one big plus on the duotone click bar is the different internals, the winding system is just silky smooth, very different to the original north internals, I took mine apart to see why it felt so smooth, and it's very clear to see, better engineering basically.
Changing out the lines to SK99 is easy and cheap to do, the auto spinning feature of the click bar is very underrated, but a godsend for kite spinners like me who hate the old way of untwisting the lines or sailing around with crossed lines waiting for another reason to spin the kite back to stop line wear,
All my kites are now foil kites that loop quickly and encourage playfull spinning and looping,
Having no clutter above the bar is great when the winds are superlight and juggling the kite becomes the thing to do to keep the kite from getting wet, and that clean layout makes quick grabs and tweaks so reliably easy,

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