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What's your yearly kite budget?

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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby Grizwald » Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:49 pm

This is a question that I have been curious about for some time, but I would humbly submit that the actual gear is a small part of what most of us spend on kiting.
So if you are lashing out many thousand dollars to go on a kiting vacation I would argue that those funds should also been included in what we spend. Bought a van to hold your gear? How about the gas for said van? If you have to buy your wife something special so she doesn't divorce you for buying kite gear, that should also be considered. If she divorces you anyway because she is tired of sitting on the shore in some god forsaken swamp just because it has consistently good wind, then that is a big expense. Lost time from work because you messed up a trick and landed on your board and put your tibia into a different time zone? Caching. And the list goes on and on and on.
Now one could argue that you would go on vacations anyway, you have to have a vehicle and your wife never liked the way you slurp your coffee so divorce was inevitable but I still contend that gear is a small part of what we pay for our sport.

With all that said, I probably add equivalent to a kite a year in gear. (board, harness, pump, impact vest, wet suit, dry suit, boots, gloves, goggles, glasses, helmet etc) In most years I will spend at least 10 times that amount on vacations. I bought and rebuilt an old pontoon boat so I can use it as my own version of an aircraft carrier so that is about 4K. I am lucky that gas is cheap hear in Florida but even still it is probably 50 bucks a week for the boat. I have a grumbling old truck to haul gear when I get away. I have no idea what I spend to keep my wife happy. I know it is less the the gross national product of Switzerland but I am not sure how much less.
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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby Peter_Frank » Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:58 pm

I buy whatever I want...

And many do, I know.

Then there are students on a budget that can not do this of course.

Does that mean I change gear every year?

No way, kitesurf gear does not get better, so use it till its worn, and change the worn sizes.
Or if something much better pops up, but happens so rare.
Getting to know your gear gives so much more performance than new gear :thumb:

Then we have had the hydrofoiling since 2012, where there was a lot of development in the first years - and then it stopped and almost went backwards to the start, in terms of wavefoiling.
Nothing new here the last many years either, so for starters really expensive, but no reason to change gear now.

Wingfoil is a new sport, and some faster development here yes.
Then again, many principles are well known from kitefoil, so not really new things regarding the foil itself.
Boards get shorter and thicker, but thats about it.

Also, wings and wingfoil boards are pretty lowcost compared to most other wind gear sports - so not much cost here.

Meaning, the yearly cost is not that much, new warm wetsuits every second year or third is of course needed, and much more important than getting new gear IMO.

When you have been into all the windsports for many years, you know what works for you, and what dont - so you only get new gear when your desired gear/suit wears out, or something really changing level, or if a totally new sport comes along, to extend your horizon as a waterman (or woman) :D

The only thing I dislike, and dont do, is keeping gear I dont use.
So either give it away, or if newer, sell it.
One should only have gear that is ridden/used regularly :thumb:

8) Peter

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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby Faxie » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:06 pm

I don't have a budget. When I feel I need something, and I can afford it and think it's worth the money, I'll buy it :)

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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby Peter_Frank » Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:14 pm

Faxie wrote:
Tue Oct 13, 2020 8:06 pm
I don't have a budget. When I feel I need something, and I can afford it and think it's worth the money, I'll buy it :)

Exactly :thumb:

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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby McLovin » Tue Oct 13, 2020 9:19 pm

JaDan - The question is NOT just a pure financial equation of use / time / value etc... if you start to consider the broader considerations.

As a veteran kiter once said to me, "You never get back the days you don't kite" his point was, as in all of life - our time is precious, even more so if you think about how many days a year you have to play. Further still if you have a job that limits your availability to chase the wind.

In this analysis there really is a strong argument to be on the best gear you can muster. The form that takes will vary, I find myself moving inextricably closer to being a new gear guy - but currently have a mixed quiver of kites that I love and that work great.

That said, I can tell you exactly what I'm planning to get to upgrade everything :)


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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby MartinO » Tue Oct 13, 2020 9:42 pm

Interesting. I actually started counting for my own interest to see how much I have spent. For me personally it was way less than I thought. I use mainly 9 and 12. Buying history:

2001: Slingshot Fuel 199 EUR. Sold for 50 EUR.
2003: Unknown China kite, new, 299 EUR. Sold for about 200.
2006: Takoon Nova, used, 400 EUR. Sold for 150.
2007: Naish Boxer SLE, 650 EUR. Stolen in burglary.
2008: Royal Era, used and financed by insurance. Sold ten years later for 150 EUR. Seriously great kite.
2016: Naish Pivot 800 EUR.

Total cost: 150+100+250+500+800= 1800

2003: Unknown China kite, 279 EUR. Trashed it.
2007: Boxer SLE 600 EUR. Stolen.
2008: Naish Cult financed by insurance. Fell apart after 12 years...
2019: Tried used Cabrinha Vector and Blade Trigger. Did not like them. Sold with no loss.
2020: Naish Ride 600 EUR.

Total cost 280+600+600=1480

2001-2007: Gaastra something. Used 100 EUR. Sold for same.
2007: RRD 5X Ltd. 299 EUR. I still use it.
2020: Slingshot foil and Liquid Force board. Used. 600 EUR.
Total 300.

Homemade, 200 EUR. Same bar since 2006 until now.
2019: Lines replaced. 110 EUR
Total: 310

Wetsuits and shoes.
Hmmm... Not much. Guessing 400 EUR in total.

Nothing. Gift.

Grand total: About 4900 Euros in 19 years. Yearly budget: 256 Euros

I for sure spend more on gasoline than on kite gear...

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Re: What's your yearly kite budget?

Postby Peter_Frank » Tue Oct 13, 2020 9:57 pm

If you have the urge to change/upgrade you are on the wrong/lousy gear.

If you don't, you are on the perfect gear, or don't know what you are missing - the latter is to some extent just fine :naughty:

8) Peter

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Re: What’s your yearly kite budget?

Postby bragnouff » Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:46 pm

Peter_Frank wrote:
Tue Oct 13, 2020 7:58 pm

The only thing I dislike, and dont do, is keeping gear I dont use.
So either give it away, or if newer, sell it.
One should only have gear that is ridden/used regularly :thumb:

8) Peter
I'm a bit on the opposite side...
I renew some kites once they have an obscene amount of use time, and I start losing trust in their reliability. Not that it ever did eventuate, but I need to trust my gear, as I ride often alone, sometimes in serious conditions, etc... So some kites get retired, and become backup kites. To save a session if for one reason or another the main kite is out of action. Which also doesn't eventuate that much, if at all. Anyway I now have backups of backup of my main size kites, which is a bit insane, but I don't claim having a full sanity either.
Other thing is I tend to ride the gear that I want to ride, sometimes obscure small brands that I respect for their product design more than their marketing presence, brands from my hometown, Takoon, GK, Zeeko, HB,... that I'm keen to show in my new home on the other side of the world, and to show my peers that there is a life outside of Duotone and Cabrinah. While I enjoy the privilege of riding different, unique gear, that also means that the resale value isn't best. Incidentally, the easiest kites I on sold were my Ozone Enduros, but they were also the ones I didn't like the most. So that means I hang onto my old kites once they are retired. But it also means that I have some gear when I have friends visiting me. And this started to evolve as a side activity of renting kite gear to travelers. Backpackers coming with 25kg of luggage allowance, but keen to score some kiting along the way when exposed to some appealing conditions. I rent that old gear for cheap. Still in very usable condition, still great kites, because they were great kites to begin with, with all the safety, but with a low market value. I can rent for a day, for weeks, for months, ... Something which couldn't be done with super recent gear, as the cost would make this prohibitive, and would require some crazy insurance policy.
Having such a registered side-activity allows to claim depreciation, tax refunds and all, so maybe it's not a complete loss. Of course Covid screwed that this year...

I also have some kites that I never sold or given because I considered them unsuitable/unsafe. (High AR 15m), and they live a second life as interior decorating, art pieces... (and art is priceless!)

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Re: What's your yearly kite budget?

Postby Eduardo » Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:42 pm

or6 wrote:I don't even tell my wife, why should I tell you? 🤐

TRUE! And so many other great comments above.

For me, it's usually some mix of progress or seeking out new things/conditions that gets me spending. For example, when you are really into big air, you demo a big air specialty kite, and truly appreciate the extra G-force on lift off, and then you need it. Or really into waves and suddenly have a new appreciation for drift and realize your big air kite is no longer the right weapon. And then start foiling initially just for light wind but then you're hooked... And what about travel? How much will you pay to score the perfect conditions...

This is like asking a crack addict what's the budget for crack. The answer is as much as it takes...

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Re: What's your yearly kite budget?

Postby Greenturtle » Tue Oct 13, 2020 11:59 pm

Depends on the year. Recently not too much.
Not counting travel, because Id be going there anyway, for a family get together, diving, spearfishing, just plain getting some warm-on come midwinter. Kiting sweetens the deal but it’s never an exclusive reason for me. If travel counted in, then that would definitely be the most expensive component for me.

As far as gear, sheesh, Ive spent some money, I try to get stuff 50% off, you know, but Ive spent nothing, NOTHING AT ALL, compared to what some of my buddies spend on atv’s dirtbikes or snowmobiles for example, or even one aftermarket part thereof. “compensatory cash flow”, a very useful principle- in other words - the money that DIDN’T get spent on something, completely justifies the purchase of the thing I really DO want, even if there was no money to spend in the first place haha

I tend to think kiteboarding equipment can be expensive for what it is, but not for what it DOES. The whole experience is just magic. Literally riding the wind. Going places no boat would dare. Logging board-riding time in one session that a prone-only surfer may not accumulate in a lifetime. Boosting a big air and hearing some kid on the beach screaming, absolutely losing his mind when he sees that. knowing that he definitely will do this someday if at all possible. Im preaching to the choir :D Live it up.
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