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Can I fix this chickenloop?

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Re: Can I fix this chickenloop?

Postby flashpipe » Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:21 pm

Great idea. I use gloves and actually did have to chop the kite at the end of the session (strut deflated and kite bow-tied). It took me a second to grab the little loop so adding an extension to that is a good idea.
Ordered some poly tubing in a few different sizes and got the PKS lock tube and will make a few more of those for myself to have in my repair kit...just in case :)

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Re: Can I fix this chickenloop?

Postby Grizwald » Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:47 pm

I had the same problem with a switch bar that I fixed yesterday and I really mean yesterday. There is a small pin that holds the line in place. This can be knocked through with a finishing nail. You will need polyurethane tubing 12 mm outside diameter 8 mm inside Nylon is probably better but PU is what was on there. I had to order it from Amazon so I now have 20 feet.
The trick is holding the line in place inside the tubing and re-inserting the pin.
I drilled out the PU tubing to the size of #6 AWG wire. You only need the insulation so you have to throw away 12 mm of wire. The insulation will hold the line in place and the pin can be passed through it. The whole idea of this rig-a-ma-roll is to have the PU tubing well inside the case so there are no sharp edges to wear at rope.
You could put some glue on the pin if you are paranoid but mine seemed plenty tight. I used it yesterday afternoon and it worked fine. No describable movement of the pin.

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