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Buying larger kite 15m vs 17m (Contra, Emotion, Juice etc.)

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Re: Buying larger kite 15m vs 17m (Contra, Emotion, Juice etc.)

Postby badgb21 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:33 pm

I agree with Matt here. I'm heavier than you guys and find 17m kites offer very diminishing returns over say a 15m.
A large board is a good idea to get the best from light winds too.
15m is a good step up from a 12m kite.

I've kited quite a bit in The Netherlands and just couldn't imagine needing a 17m.

quote=matth post_id=1129591 time=1614043295 user_id=60498]
I find big kites have a very small window of satisfaction. For me at 185lbs with pretty decent kite flying abilities it's from around 12mph to 17mph. Below 12m it's just mowing the lawn at best, above 17m I would rather be whipping my 12m around. I disagree a little with others, IMO 15m is a big jump from a 12m. I think 17m is for heavyweights only 225lbs plus.
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Re: Buying larger kite 15m vs 17m (Contra, Emotion, Juice etc.)

Postby Pana » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:58 pm

Im 90 kg. Had a 17 zephyr, was a good kite for mowing the lawn at the time my wife and I were novice. It was a trip & session saver but as we progressed we found we used it less and less. Ended up bying a Ozone enduro 14 as bigest kite over 12m. It did the job for me in 13-16 kn and was also a session & carabean trip saver. My wive did not like it though, it was just not designed as a light wind kite.

Recently got a Aluula flite 14.5, it put the fun back into over 12m kiting. I do not feel there would be a benefit to go to 17m unless you whant to go out and mow the lawn in 10 kts.

Big light wind kites are where the new materials make the most difference, if you live in an area where you use a 14-15 m kite regurlarly go with the allula flite, it is an investment in your happiness ! If only used once in a while stick to 14/15m (try to fond a light wond design) and fly the kite more aggressively you will get more reward from that option than a 17m, in my view.
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