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travel restrictions and requirements for Covid

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travel restrictions and requirements for Covid

Postby Grizwald » Mon Apr 26, 2021 9:22 pm

The following website lists restrictions by country.

It isn't bad but be sure to check the specific country websites listed as things are changing by the minute.

Currently even if you have all the vaccines you will still have to get a Covid test within 72 hours of departing. Most countries require that you upload the test results to the specific country website and obtain a "Covid visa". All of the countries that I looked at stated that they were overwhelmed and would do their best to get the approval out to you. However in the event that they don't and the airline won't let you on the plane that is your problem.
Most countries still require quarantines in designated hotels which range from expensive to just plain thievery.
Quarantines range from a low of 3 days to 14 days and for those that require 14 days all you can do is go on specific tours you can't interact with the population at large.
Many require some form of Covid insurance. This ranges from a low of $30 to 300 per person.
All require a return ticket.

If your route takes you through a third country, unless you have specific information to the contrary, you will have to have a "Covid visa" for that country as well, even if you never leave the airport. If you can stay on the plane you might not have to but check with the airline long before you go. This comes from a non-government website which I have not been able to verify.

Most countries require masks and social distancing. Restaurants and bars are restricted to 30% occupancy. Many if not most have a curfew from 11pm to 7 a.m. Beaches are 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Why are beaches singled out over bars, casinos and churches--who knows.

Returning to your home country.
I only looked at the U.S. of A. but you will have to have a negative Covid within 72 hours to get back into the U.S. My understanding is the airlines aren't supposed to let you on the plane without one. Prices per test in the visited country range from free to $300 dollars. Apparently there is something magical about $300. Covid test centers may be hard to find, i.e NOT at the airport. When you arrive and before you leave the airport, find out if there is an onsite test center and what the hours are. Don't leave it to the last moment. Self test kits will not be accepted. There is no guarantee that the center will be able to test you if you show up at the last minute. It would truly suck to have to quarantine in a $500 a night hotel and pay full price for a plane ticket because the test center closed for lunch.

All of this came from sites that were updated within the last week. Several countries say that requirements will change in May.

If anyone has specific information to the contrary of anything here please post it. I also encourage anyone with country specific information to post it. There is also a difference between official policy and what is actually being enforced. A couple of my friends have gone to Puerto Rico with only proof of vaccination even though "official requirements" are RT-PCR tests.

That's all I got
Stay safe

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Re: travel restrictions and requirements for Covid

Postby knyfe » Mon Apr 26, 2021 10:08 pm

I was able to travel internationally during COvid. You have to stay ahead of the game and stay flexible and it will work out. Make sure you schedule your PCR tests when you plan your trip as part of the planning as official locations are sparse. Make sure you book PCR tests and not the antigen tests. Some countries only allow specific companies to do these tests for them. Now the airlines dont tell you the specifics as they dont want to get caught in the middle. They act as an enforcer at the gate and I have seen them turning away customers. At the same time the airlines are super flexible and also assume you to be flexible. Your booking will change often you you have to call them to get a working schedule again. But all at no-cost.

Some countries have entry registrations (germany) but there was also all of the sudden an US CDC affidavit I needed to board a flight to US which I did not need on other checkins. Some countries only allow citizense to enter. Make sure you follow the local quarantine regulations on both side and add this to your calendar. Rule of thumb- one week entering on each side easily. Now CDC just changed that you dont need to quarantine coming into the US when vaccinated (but still negative PCR test for boarding). Now this will all change daily with vaccination (which I hope you have if you want to travel) and with reopening. It for sure will be different between planning and booking a flight and actually taking a flight.

I think giving specific recommendations dont work here in this daily changing environment - just stay on top of the changes THATs what you have to do to be able to travel. And yes, of course make sure you do this all safely. G

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