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light wind twintip (but not doors)

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Re: light wind twintip (but not doors)

Postby mass898 » Fri Sep 10, 2021 12:08 pm

thanks all for the suggestions. There is so many boards out there that look fun to try.

Some more information about my experience with the Epic Oxygen.

I use it as a session saver, when you go to the spot but you are not sure what wind there will be. Honestly, it saved me from frustration multiple times.

Riding with the Epic in choppy water is doable but not very fun. It is best used in flat lagoon conditions.

It is incredibly light, it goes upwind like i have never experienced before. I have even kited once and there was only a guy with a foil. People with 12 and surf boards were on the beach.

On the fun side, it feels more like an normal board even when powered. I used it in 18 knots conditions cause when the wind picked up i couldnt change back to my lieuwe board. I had a good session. The downside is edging. Edging is a bit challenging. For example when you land a jump and you want to edge immediately in an aggressive way. That's not possible.

so for 500 euro, definitely a good investment for occasional use. If your spot is light wind, then i would invest in one of those carbon boards that were suggested in the other topic like nobile superleggera. It seemed like they behave more like a normal TT but the cost is clearly not for occasional users.

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