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Ozone Hyperlink launching issues

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Re: Ozone Hyperlink launching issues

Postby downunder » Thu Apr 29, 2021 1:49 pm

It is way more easy to use short lines when learning.

Most of my buddies used long lines and struggled. Some ripped the kites, some quit foils. Short lines all the way for me.

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Re: Ozone Hyperlink launching issues

Postby gmb13 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:38 pm

richieski wrote:
Wed Apr 28, 2021 2:50 pm
Hi, I am really struggling to launch this kite with pressure in the wing tips.
Tried downwind in lighter winds and 45 deg in higher winds.
Both ways it launches too quickly before the wing tips fill up.
I tried launching it with bar out and it stays at 12 with tips flapping.
Tried with bar pressure and it collapses.

Any tips of links to vids much appreciated.
Made this How to Launch the Hyperlink video for Ozone a couple of years back. It might help. But basically you need to keep the kite at the side of the window with the bar pulled towards you, until the kite if fully inflated. Pushing the bar out too early will lead to the tips collapsing

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Re: Ozone Hyperlink launching issues

Postby Herman » Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:28 pm

richieski wrote:
Thu Apr 29, 2021 10:37 am
Thanks for feedback. So the only real real comparison I have is to open cell foils with obviously fill instantly. Just wanted to know if there was any tips. Thinking about it, as mentioned makes sense to launch without full pressure as it will!l be full power. I will practise with bar in. So when launching in stronger winds at 45. Do I have trim out and bar in?
When trying before sometimes it just filled one side , launched and went to a spin as other side had no time to inflate. Basically once 1 side started to inflate it launched, I could not keep it down to help inflate it more.
You will have seen from Gunnar’s video there is no one answer for the angle of attack required. Obviously you would expect having the trim all out would make sense if you want to do a mostly oversheeted launching technique. However, personally I like to have access to the extremes of angle of attack available. To do this I trim in but launch holding the leaders or floaters. Have not flown hyperlinks but works for me with other foils.

To stop the bottom half tucking, in a 45°launch in decent wind, you will need to pull plenty of floater/leader to stop the top half overflying the bottom half with trim in. I only slide my hand to the bar when the kite is flying. Of coarse in a lull you still may need to pull front lines to get the kite flying forward.

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Re: Ozone Hyperlink launching issues

Postby Foil » Sat May 01, 2021 1:32 am

As above, exactly that way.
I have never held the bar for launching for well over a year now, only use one hand on each floater, I try to keep the kite wing tip on the ground as long as possible just by using the floaters to back stall the kite, splaying out the full kite length and allowing full pre inflation, then as the as the air quickly fills the entire length let the pressure flip off the sand from the tip and allow the kite to rise slowly using the floaters pulled in enough to splay out the kite fully and control speed of rise, easy with practice,
its hard to control the kite using this or any method if i am using my tiny 5mtr hyperlink in over 25knts, as it fills in a flash and zooms skywards even faster, but I still control it well enough with the floaters, but not using too much back stall for the small 5 or 7mtr hyperlinks,
it strong winds with say the 9mtr, then not using this floater method to back stall and splay out the wing tips may result in a very difficult scary launch as the wind may not be able to fill the outside wing area due to the twin skins being held tight shut by the force of the strong wind, and then the kite doing its own scary dance above in the sky not under much control, that is to be avoided, use the floaters and practice a few times in lighter airs to get this floater launch method dialed in, you will never go back to bar held launches.

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