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Always problems with abs

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Re: Always problems with abs

Postby elguapo » Sun May 30, 2021 12:44 pm

dont limit yourself brother...
many here are older than you and have not "defined" themselves as "getting old" (frankly, you need to get those self limiting thoughts out of your head).

i've always been a big believer in the mind.. and imo, one of the secret to being the ripped 65 year old surfing every everyday is to be that "ripped 65 years old" surfing everyday.
as mentioned many imes here.. . focus on the core. keep it strong and balanced.
keep bone density...personally i'd eat plenty of green veggies and utilize fish for your animal proteins.
keep your testosterone.

hell, if necessary get side-piece half your age to force you from thinking like an old fart

1234567Simon wrote:
Sat May 29, 2021 2:11 am
Dear All;

I am sorry for my late answere.

Thank you very much for all your answeres: I really appriciate it a lot!

My conclusion:

I do not go kiting every weekend..... so if I go, I will go full power for a long long session.
This means with a twin tip, boosting (if I can even call my little jumps boosting), crashing and trying stupid stuff, every 30 seconds - for several hours

as I am in my mid 40th, I must admit to myself..... I am getting old....
it simply does not work out this way anymore.

thanks for all the honest answeres.

My strategy:
Take it more easy, don´t got too hard for too long. I also really enjoy going in small waves with a directional (this I can do for 4-5 hours a day).

Change my work-Out.
I tried a massive ab-workout. as soon as I stopped for 4 weeks, the effect was gone.
I will keep on doing this, but will change more to "Cross-fit", like jumping up stairs with both legs.
no idea if this will help
but I would like to simulate the explosive part of the take of. -> extended body, and then pull the legs back up.

I will start to strecht, on a regular base (in front of the TV). this is I think a big mistake I made.

most important: if i have pain in the abs, I will not push it with the twin tip.

working on the technic might be a good Idea.... but actually, after 3 hours of gooing "full power" it seems to be ok, to feel the muscles the next days....
but I will try to relax more

Thanks again

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Re: Always problems with abs

Postby fernmanus » Sun May 30, 2021 6:57 pm

Over the years, I have seen a lot of posts about injuries due to repetitive motion from kiteboarding - abs, elbows, forearms, lower back, ankles, etc. and I have experienced all of them at one point or another. All of them can be solved by regular full body exercise. You have to commit to it on a regular basis, find what works for your body, so that you don’t over-train.

I also agree that as we get older, it is easy to full in to the trap of thinking that it is your age instead of a temporary injury. I subscribe to the attitude that you go hard for as long as you can, using the wisdom of accumulated experiences to avoid injury. This means eating better, getting a full nights sleep and knowing when to rest and when to work hard.

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Re: Always problems with abs

Postby yzbob » Sun May 30, 2021 9:40 pm

I see some posts mentioning yoga stretching etc. I think the older we get this becomes more important, x100 if your sitting at a desk all day every day. deep core muscles (psoas and QL to name a couple) get tight and affect everything else. One stretch I've found made a noticeable difference in a couple of weeks was the triangle pose (Trikonasana). I did this few times a day for a minute or so each time, each side. At first i was waaay worse on one side than the other but after a couple of weeks i've evened up and I really notice a difference in core strength and flexibility which is ultimately more important than abs strength. pretty surprised with results from something so simple and quick! Its probably worth a shot in your case ;-)

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Re: Always problems with abs

Postby Faxie » Mon May 31, 2021 12:02 am

If I haven't ridden for a week or more, my abs will hurt like hell after a new session, and the pain can stay for almost a week.

If I have a session every 3-5 days I have no problems whatsoever. Just had a 7 day streak without pain.

So like some others said: Keep those abs exercised when not riding.

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