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Twin Tip freeride board

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Leo L
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Twin Tip freeride board

Postby Leo L » Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:31 am

Hi All,

I am about to get a new freeride/all-round tt board.
I am a beginner looking for a board that will stay with me much after I will become "intermediate" and more.

I am thinking on one of the three:
1. Nobile NHP.
2. Crazyfly raptor.
3. North atmos.

Which one will be the best in terms of freeride performances (doable in all water condition, edge hard for jump, upwind abilities, carving, jumps, lands and more)?

I am 85 kg.

does the 137*43 in the raptor is big enough for my weight?

For the NHP they have both sizes that can fit my weight - 142*43 and 139*42.
I feel like the 142 will be too big and that the 139 will be too small (because it is just 42 in its width).
Am I right?

Thank you all

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Re: Twin Tip freeride board

Postby Blackened » Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:14 pm

I haven't ridden the NHP, but I currently own a Raptor and an Atmos Carbon. However, I ordered a normal Atmos 2022 for when they come out because I'm old and can't handle the carbon.

Overall, there isn't a lot between the boards. The Raptor is slightly stiffer and has a little more grip than the Atmos. It also upwinds a little better. The (normal) Atmos is a little more comfortable in chop and better on landings. I also think the Atmos has slightly better acceleration.

For sizing, my boards are 137/138/139x** at 100kg and 1.92m. For the Atmos, this is 138x41 and the Raptor 137x43. For learning, a size bigger will definitely help learning upwind, but both these boards truck upwind pretty well.

Personally, I prefer the Atmos for big air out of the two. However, as a beginner, you'll appreciate the slightly better upwind on the Raptor and GREATLY appreciate the bright green base. I've spent a lot of time body dragging around looking for boards in chop/waves over the years. The water blue Atmos or the black Atmos Carbon are PITAs. As an added bonus, Crazyfly has a 3yr warranty and they coat the base with something that toughens it.

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