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Beginner questions (Neo 7m)

Posted: Mon Jun 14, 2021 2:47 am
by TheMozart
Hello everyone, I’m new to this world and in the middle of a course with instructor (5 hours so far, learning transitions). I live in southern Sardinia and slowly buying my own gear.

About Kite wind range:
I’m 171 cm and 56 kg. Wind here is typically 15-28 knots. At the moment I can’t afford two or three different size kites right away, so I’m wondering about something that can best fit that wind range. So far I’ve basically used a Cabrinha drifter 7m in 25-28 knots and a 10m with 13-15 knots.

A school here is selling, as every year, two Duotone Neo 7m
-2019 with no damage, used for two season
-2020 with a little repair (picture), one season (for 150€ more than the 2019)
Which one should I take? Is it easy to relaunch? And what’s actually the real wind range you experienced? (Duotone says 19-34 for 7m, and 17-32 for 8m) I guess with my Body weight a 7m could work as a 8. My twintip won’t be anything below 138x42.

Having some background on waves, I hope to switch into strapless shortboard one day, as my local beach can easily get 0.5-1m waves.