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First Kiteboarding lesson Ever... Feedback and few questions

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Re: First Kiteboarding lesson Ever... Feedback and few questions.

Postby EasyRider* » Fri Oct 08, 2021 7:14 am

Herman wrote:
Mon Aug 23, 2021 6:49 pm
There is no right or wrong answer to your question and what you experience is normal. It is worth noting that what you are trying to do is not much more difficult than walking, it is just that like walking it cannot be done well by conscious thought. Just look at a toddler or somebody who is relearning to walk. It has to be done by training the brain, or the name I despise ~ muscle memory.

The most important thing imho for this brain training is TOK and TOW. There is a glitch with this that you have already discovered, you already have some land TOK but soon as you had power on the water the brain said “tilt!” and probably went partially into survival mode. With more TOW you will become more relaxed and fully functioning; you will then realise that actually the kite is no more difficult to control than a trainer.

What is best to buy depends very much on your local conditions and your commitment and so talk to your local riders. If buying a 5m (6 or 7 if heavy) gives you more TOK, then why not if you have the budget. It will be a lot safer and easier teaching yourself to self launch with an underpowered small kite in a decent breeze, rather than a big kite underpowered because the big kite will fall over, taco and generally misbehave in very light wind. Don’t try to ride with a small kite but a 5-7 would be fine for body dragging in the conditions you describe.

Trouble is everybody is different with different backgrounds of related sports.

PS Ask around some old salt may have an old beater 5m tucked away in a shed, get him to demonstrate it for you and it will be a free lesson!

It does not matter how much you do or don’t look at the kite at your stage. Do whatever helps you stay in control, the kite is the priority. But of course with experience you don’t have to look at the kite at all-ish, it’s on the end of the lines and you can just look at the lines or feel the direction of pull.
Superb post, thank you 😊 Many gems on the learning process for us beginners 👍

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Re: First Kiteboarding lesson Ever... Feedback and few questions.

Postby Flyboy » Fri Oct 08, 2021 6:50 pm

I don't get it: I have kited once at Rehoboth Bay in Delaware some years ago. I seem to remember quite shallow water for a considerable distance out - pretty ideal for learning to kite.

As others have said, right conditions & right equipment for the conditions are essential for accelerating the learning process. If you're learning to fly the kite with control & body dragging you don't need that much power. The idea is to learn to control the kite through the power window ... until you no longer drop it all the time. Then you need to deliberately drop it & practice water launching. Once you are competent with those two skills you can think about trying to get on the board ... at which point you will almost certainly start dropping the kite frequently into the water again, so being able to water start pretty consistently is important if you ride out into deeper water.

It will all come with time & practice. I wouldn't bother with a 5m kite at this point, but a 9m would be immediately relevant.

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