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Crashing hard

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Re: Crashing hard

Postby BlameTheWind » Thu Sep 09, 2021 5:44 pm

Herman wrote:
Thu Sep 09, 2021 2:38 pm
Just had a quick research:

There is a good vid on YouTube which covers being winded. Search for “Mechanism for solar plexus attack” if you are interested. Seems that it is more to do with getting the diaphragm out of spasm rather than unsticking lungs. That actually ties in with the recovery movements my old karate and judo instructor used to put us through when we got winded.
Well, i have been hit to this solar plexux before in fights/training, feeling yesterday was totally different. But if i at moment touch that place, yes it is a bit painful if i touch.

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Re: Crashing hard

Postby Herman » Thu Sep 09, 2021 7:04 pm

No doubt the reality is complex with a number of factors involved. That’s why it is always difficult to offer specific thoughts or advice. If I am in winded I ball up then stretch out while trying to take a belly/diaphragm breath but if you have ruptured something that might hasten your demise. Probably the sensible compromise is just bringing your knees up and trying to relax with deep diaphragm led breaths. Glad you are recovering ok.

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