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Re: 2022 What is the new best 17m tube kite for big air?

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 12:09 am
by bkkite
bkkite wrote:
Wed Jan 19, 2022 12:07 am
Guttorm wrote:
Tue Jan 18, 2022 9:06 pm
These are maybe the hottest Big tubekites in 2022
Have someone tried any of these, what did you like/dislike about them?
Edge. 15/17
Xr7. 15/17
Nexus 2 15/17
Dt Juice 15/17
Flite. 14.5/17

And maybe there are others that should have been on this list?
Please help 👍
I rode the Flight 14.5 back to back w a 15m XR5, so I can speak to that. It turned much faster, which was nice (as to be expected). Its was blowing 15-19kts, and I found that I felt pretty overpowered on it during the gusts, and that the boosting wasn't nearly as good as the XR. My take away was that I prefer the higher performance characteristics of the XR5 15m, and that I would just fly a different kite in lighter winds or foil...

I've only been out on the Nexus 2 for as short while in the 15m size, but I own a 12m and a 9m. They turn faster than XRs, and drift quite a bit better, so they're better for foiling and surfing. They do ride like they are 1m or so smaller than the equivalent XR kite. Like my 12m Nexus feels like an 11m XR, etc, which makes sense since they aren't as high aspect ratio. For the boosting, they just require more technique, and they definitely don't float you down as gently as the XR... it was quite the suprise on my first jump, I just landed much harder :). Now I know you need to fly the kite a bit more actively on the decent.

I also flew the juice in a 17m a few years ago, and the only thing that I remember was that the depower didn't feel quite as good as the XRs. When I flew an XR4 19m... I could fly that thing up to 20kts no problem with the depower, it blew my mind.

Re: 2022 What is the new best 17m tube kite for big air?

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 4:17 pm
by RickI
It’s not 2022 unfortunately but my 19 m Cabrinha Contra is a favorite Kite. Its fast, maneuverable and has relatively light bar pressure. It saved a trip to TCI a while back when the trades dropped along with 160 cm twin tip Split Board. Instead, great times! I don’t weigh that much either, about 185 pounds or 84 kg. It’s a performer letting me ride shorter boards than otherwise.

Re: 2022 What is the new best 17m tube kite for big air?

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 9:50 pm
by dracop
I own a Duotone Aluula Juice 15m. Fantastic for jumps in light wind for a higher weight rider (225 lbs). The kite will keep riding down to 7-8mph altho I need about 12mph to load up 20ft jumps. In 30 mph winds on smaller kites I consistently jump 45-50ft doing tricks. The Aluula Juice requires a light wind specific twin tip with flattish rocker and squarish corners as the kite sits deep in the window in lighter wind and you need those board features to go upwind.

It will fly and pull in wind a normal Dacron kite simply will not fly in, with Dacron kites simply backstalling back to the water while the Juice keeps cranking without a flutter. Control/response stays crispy even in ultra light.

I have not had a chance to compare it to the OR Flite Aluula series; I do not feel any other brand would be a fair comparison. I used to own a 17m Blade Fat Lady and a 2014 16m Liquid Force NRG (extremely high AR light wind kite) which I learned on in Miami. The Aluula 15m radically outperforms what those kites were capable of in terms of raw power, light wind flight performance, jumping, and looping. Only caveat is that you really want something that tacks upwind aggressively relative to the kite's angle - anything with rocker or inward curving corners is going to generate straight downwinders. Those other kites let me upwind with wakestylish boards - the Juice NEEDs a Big Air/Freeride/Light Wind targeted board as a partner. To be fair those kites would just fall out of the sky in the wind I am riding my Aluula Juice in.

For light wind, the Aluula price premium (and its pricey $$$) is worth the extra performance all day everyday.

Re: 2022 What is the new best 17m tube kite for big air?

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 10:28 pm
by Toby
Dracop: please show us a video of a 18 ft jump in 12mph.

You have more weight than me and I have an 18 sqm kite...and never ever will reach 18 ft in 12mph....

Evidence please so I can believe it....

Assuming the wind is also 12mph in the height of the kite....

Re: 2022 What is the new best 17m tube kite for big air?

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2022 10:48 pm
by dracop
I have no way / method to prove the wind at kite level is 12mph. I have a nearby wind meter that reports to iKitesurf at a harbor.

But I can load up a 20ft jump when there are no whitecaps with this specific kite and small waves as kickers. If there is not a hint of a whitecap, its below 14mph. I base the 20ft jump height on my old PIQ which is the same device I use in stronger winds.

Once I drop into the ultra-light (8mph) the kite keeps flying and I can ride downwind but not jumping at that point. I base the 8mph lull on the local wind station showing lulls,avg,and gusts. I usually do a few surface riding kiteloops to crank up speed and power and avoid slowing down too much. 8mph = mowing the lawn.

Of all people YOU might like the new Aluula kites Toby since you like flying big kites for air style tricks. If you visit HI i can let you try mine out. Note that you really do need a bigger board for true light wind Toby. A 132 needs alot of horsepower from the kite to compensate. Get a 145+ light wind specific board and I bet money you could jump 20ft at 12mph on an 18m so long as that kite can still FLY.

Note: I do not have data on air density - local feels denser than Florida, lighter than CPT.