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Anyone use climbing helmet kiting?

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Re: Anyone use climbing helmet kiting?

Postby edt » Tue May 10, 2022 3:47 pm

Go for it! The so called "water helmets" are f--- trash. They are meant for wakeboarding. That's where you have impacts against the features 10 times a day. Kiters need helmets that protect against 1 high speed impact per year. Climbing snowboarding bicycle literally anything else offers more protection and comfort than a "water" helmet. Kiters aren't wakeboarders we don't get dropped on our head 10 times a day yet kite manufacturers still haven't figured it out. Inspect your helmet occasionally to make sure the water doesn't make the pads come off that's it. Any helmet is better than none of course, so if all you own is a kite specific helmet than use it, but if you are upgrading or purchasing your first helmet, the kite specific helmets provide both the worst protection and the least amount of comfort compared to any other sport, so using a helmet from a different sport is best. My favorite is the sandboxie snow helmet, mainly because it provides the best protection (CE EN 1077B), is very comfortable and looks great, about $100. "Kiteboarding" helmets are designed in mind to have multiple low speed impacts per day, after which you can keep using the helmet not one big impact which crushes the foam, after which you need to buy a new helmet.

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