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Core Choice 5

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 3:50 pm
by Toby
Core News:

Core Choice 5

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Help your riding do the talking as CORE's freestyle allrounder promises ambitious kiters the next big performance leap for innovative moves and styles with a lighter wood core, unique rail technology and new tip outline.

Certified for style, the CORE Choice 5 has benefitted from smart adjustments to the construction process, alongside precise changes to proven materials used on the V4. The CORE R&D team have once again taken a step closer to the perfect freestylefreeride one-board solution, offering riders an innovative, state-of-the-art and playful twintip with an extremely wide range of use as well as outstanding performance potential in freestyle, wakestyle and big air.

Increased agility and pop
The forgivingly curved outline of the Choice 5 is similar to its predecessor, but a modified tip shape has increased the agility and pop performance felt in this latest model. Stunningly smooth riding characteristics and increased turning grip are further added benefits.

Reduced weight through increased care in the core
You'll find natural variations in density and volumetric weight between any piece of wood. In paulownia's case, the volumetric weight varies between 230 and 360 kg/m3. The lowest weight sections are glued together to form a dynamic and high performance core at the heart of the Choice 5. The careful selection process has seen the Choice 5 maintain strength with a saving of a fifth of the overall board's weight; up to 250 grams on the biggest models.

All about the base
Extensive flow analysis ensures that water drains from the underbody via optimally designed channels. The Choice 5's excellent grip is delivered by the deeper rail channels, while the exciting agility and pop is made possible thanks to the relationship between the new tip shape and integrated quattro channels. Softer landings are due to the strongly contoured underwater hull effectively breaking the surface tension of the water before pressure is felt in your knees. This easier feel
helps you correct your landings and manage choppy conditions more comfortably.

Putting the glide in your freeride, we've exhausted every potential optimization
Utilising technology from ski and snowboard racing and inspired by the innovative achievements from the Carved Imperator twintip development, the Choice 5 is also based on a unibody construction that creates a better connection between the deck and underwater hull. Following the Fusion 5, the Choice 5 now has composite ABS rods made with up to 80 layers of laminate that have replaced the previous ABS rails. An industry first for twintips, this unibody rail provides a super strong connection between the upper and lower Cartan carbon laminates to form a so-called torsion box. Similar to a powerful spring, you'll feel the increased torsional stiffness and increased build-up of energy before you jump, which is then released ultra-fast during take-off.

REVO handle: ingenious in the low and medium wind range
Available as an optional extra, the REVO handle can adjust the flex and rocker curve of the Choice 5 'on the fly', opening up performance perspectives that were previously impossible for freestyle/freeride boards. Activation reduces rocker and flattens the bottom curve. Likewise, the flex is reduced - so the board is stiffer overall, significantly increasing planing and downwind performance. The rail has water contact over a greater length, which increases grip and makes jumping in medium winds feel more energetic.

The Choice 5 is a board designed to advanced standards, suited to intermediate riders and beyond. Fulfilling all the wishes of ambitious riders that want to innovative moves and styles through simple, intuitive control and easily accessible high performance.

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133x40 – 135x41 – 137x41,5 – 139x42 – 141x42,5 – 144x43,5

Choice 5 twintip, standard grab handle, G10 Cutback Fins (42mm), and V4A fin screws.

• CARTAN® CARBON: exclusive 30-degree carbon fiber weave for unique flex and ride performance
• NEW! UNIBODY EDGE: unique connection of the upper and lower carbon laminates
• NEW! PAULOWNIA LIGHT: even lighter marine grade CNC milled wood core
• MULTI CHANNELS: grip and control in all situations
• KATANA CHANNELS: stiffer tips for more response and immediate power
• BEVELED DECK: minimized reverse flex and better planing
• TUCKED UNDER RAILS: more grip for more efficient upwind riding
• V-SHAPED KEEL: early planing, pillow soft landings
• PRO ROCKER: deep bow for boots, high comfort for straps

Re: Core Choice 5

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 3:56 pm
by Fliegermann

Re: Core Choice 5

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2022 5:36 pm
I applaud Core's graphics as of late. The Fusion 5 is really nice looking and this is even better. It's about time they moved away from the colorblind Max Headroom 80's deco graphics.