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Milo The Action Communicator

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Re: Milo The Action Communicator

Postby Sun » Thu Dec 29, 2022 1:34 pm

Thanks Pera!

The voice delay sounds a lot like what my parents deal with using their in-helmet motorcycle radios. They are voice activated, but take about a second or two to register. If you are not prepared, the first bit of speech is always lost. What they have learned to do is start any talking with speaking the other person’s name three times, then saying what they want to say. You lose that first bit, but it will help to get the persons attention when they hear either their full name or a bit of it, then the actual complete message. The same technique will probably work quite well for the Milo, especially if you have more than two people on the line, since saying the persons name who you wanted to talk to will actually direct the conversation better.

Seems promising overall. I do agree that using a USB port for charging was a dumb idea. Should have been wireless charging, and maybe a USB service port behind a sealed, screwed shut door. That way, 95% of the time when you’re charging it, it remains watertight, but if you need to update firmware or something, there is a USB port behind an accessible but sealed door. Or make firmware updates wireless, like Woo, just do not make the same mistake of making charging via physical electrical contact.

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Re: Milo The Action Communicator

Postby rnelias » Thu Dec 29, 2022 3:20 pm

it's weird that simple waterproof devices are still rare nowadays.

sometime ago I was looking for a waterproof mic to vlog while hydrofoiling but couldn't find many options. In fact, I've only found one: Instamic, for 2/3 a price of a Hero11 mini (200/300 usd).

Specifically in the Milo's case, we have a bunch of IPX68 phones that resist to water splashes fairly well. Don't you think an app using 4G network could do the same job? I have a friend that usually ride listening to music on his old phone inserted in the helmet, close to the ear :lol:

The only issue I can see in using an app, besides the risk of drowning a phone, is that the app should know when sending the message without relying on a button :thumb:

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Re: Milo The Action Communicator

Postby Pera » Fri Dec 30, 2022 2:53 pm

I think the problem using a phone would be the mic to be able to reduce wind- and background noise.

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Re: Milo The Action Communicator

Postby Appleton » Sun Jan 22, 2023 6:06 pm

Finally put the Milo through a kitesurfing session. Blowing around 20knots.

I used Velcro to wrap around the clip and also used the lanyard. It didn’t fall off, I had a few heavy crashes. But I actually wish it had !!! I’d have been able to claim on my travel insurance if I’d lost it.

Absolutely useless as a communicator, their firmware has been updated so unless they bring some software changes out I won’t be using it again. I actually couldn’t hear a thing, just crackling and a faint voice in the background, volume was turned up to the max. Range is only 75-100 meters, doesn’t come back into range until you’re virtually crossing on the tacks.

Water wasn’t in the speakers, blew on it etc. was dry and clear

Also tried with one device on the shore. Same outcome.

0 out of 10 for use when Kitesurfing
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