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Duotone Twintips 2023

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Duotone Twintips 2023

Postby Toby » Tue Jan 17, 2023 5:10 pm

Duotone News:

Twintips 2023

duotone TT.png
duotone TT.png (280.01 KiB) Viewed 1266 times

Duotone Voyage 2023

New for 2023, it’s the board you’ve been waiting for; The Voyage. A splitboard designed for travelling. It only takes two pins to connect the parts, and it’s perfect for freeriding and boosting big airs.

A brand-new board in the Duotone line-up, the Voyage is a board that many of you have been asking for and finally, after years of testing and perfecting the shape and design, the first split board in the range has arrived!
Many split boards struggle with two main issues, flex, and the physical act of putting it together. The Voyage overcomes these by using an M-Spine connection that interweaves the two halves of the board, so they act as one when connected. You only need two pins to put the board together (no complicated screws or bolts you can lose in the sand), and the pins are connected to the board, so you can’t lose them during the assembly process; the icing on the cake, and what makes the Voyage so unique is the design itself.
Using the fantastic Select as a starting point, the board has incredible DNA embedded into it. The board is designed for freeride and big air, with a comfortable ride and easy flex characteristics. It's smooth through the chop and fantastic at boosting into the air. The tips have been tuned for flex and channels added to offer grip and a better ride when the ocean is choppy. Easy to assemble, engaging to ride, ideal for travel but most of all, incredible for freeride and big air, the Voyage is a split board like no other. ... ps/voyage/

Duotone Team Series SLS 2023

The TS SLS takes the legendary Team Series and gives it an SLS makeover with a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra construction. This is the pinnacle of Freestyle and riding in a fantastic new shape for 2023; if Freestyle is how you ride and want the best, this is it.

If you are looking for the best performance freestyle and wakestyle board, this is it! New for 2023, the Team Series SLS is a pure bread Freestyle board ready for the World Cup. The TS SLS takes the creation of Freestyle boards one step further with the addition of Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra. The Stronger Lighter Superior mantra of the SLS products rings true here. A lighter board makes tricks easier, and the extra durability provided by the Grind Base and the progressive bottom shape ad up to an incredibly strong board. The Suspension Flex Cap also minimises reverse flex on landings, and the Single Diffusor Bottom helps to soften every landing, so when you come in hot, you’ll be sure to stick your trick every time. With loads of grip from the deep tip channels in combination with powerful fins. There is only one choice if you want to be at the top of your park riding game or get to the podium in the freestyle arena. Make the right one and get onboard the TS SLS this season! ... eries-sls/

Duotone Soleil SLS 2023

The hugely popular Soleil gets the SLS makeover, making it stronger, lighter and superior in every way. The Soleil SLS offers unrivalled freeride/freestyle performance for female kiteboarders everywhere, featuring a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra construction coupled with an incredible design.

You deserve the best, and as a female kiteboarder, this is it. The Soleil SLS packs in all the incredible female-specific freeride/freestyle design features of the Soleil and wraps them up in a Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra package that is hard to beat. The advanced materials in combination with Space Flex reduce the weight and make the board stand the test of time, improving the performance. You will feel a much more dynamic connection to the board, which offers a faster, smoother ride and a lot of pop. You will discover tricks become easier, and your riding improves as the performance capabilities of the board are unlocked. The board features a narrower outline, allowing you to carve from rail to rail a lot easier. The solid construction ensures consistent flex throughout the board's length and has been tailored for your weight to allow the best pop while also offering a smooth ride. The 2023 Soleil SLS is simply the best freeride/freestyle board for the female kiteboarders right now; accept no substitutes. ... oleil-sls/

Duotone Soleil 2023

The Soleil is the very definition of what a freeride/freestyle board for women should be, designed with a more petite frame and lighter weight rider in mind. It features a narrower outline to make it easier to edge with specially engineered pop to take your tricks to the next level!

If you are a female kiteboarder, you will know the importance of having the right equipment; you wouldn’t wear a men’s wetsuit or harness, so why would you ride a board designed for the guys. The Soleil has been in the line-up at Duotone for so long now it’s hard to remember what life was like without it. Designed by women for women, it caters to the smaller frame and makes it easier to perform at your very best. This freeride/freestyle board features a narrower outline; this allows you to carve from rail to rail a lot easier. The solid construction ensures consistent flex throughout the board's length and has been tailored for your weight to allow the best pop while also offering a smooth ride. The Carbon Beam keeps the board light, making it easier to jump and spin, but it also helps to keep the ride responsive and engaging. Space Flex Tips make rotations easy and keep the weight low. So, if you are part of the growing army of female kiteboarders out there, get yourself the best board available to improve your riding; get onboard the 2023 Soleil! ... ps/soleil/

Duotone Select SLS 2023

The world's most comfortable freeride board gets the SLS treatment and a new shape for 2023, make sure you choose one size longer! The board is light, strong, and incredibly responsive, featuring a Textreme Innegra and Biax Carbon construction. So, if full speed cruising and jumping is what you love to do on the water, the Select SLS is the board for you!

The Select SLS is at the pinnacle of performance for freeride twin tips, the comfortable high-tech construction ensures you get an engaging and responsive ride on the water, and the modern new shape will excite you on every turn and jump.
For 2023, the outline has been reworked, keeping the same width of the boards, but making them 3cm longer. For example, if you used to ride a 135/40, this year you’d go for a 138/40. This extra length cuts through the chop and gives a smooth ride, while the reduced width makes it even easier to edge, lets the board fly upwind and is easy to load up when you pop for big air. The Select SLS uses a Carbon Biax and Textreme Innegra construction, making it light and strong. It delivers a dynamic ride, and you will feel totally connected to the board. The low weight makes it easier to jump and spin and improves the early planing characteristics too. Regarding speed, the Select SLS is absolutely at the top, combining speed with the best Freeride performance you could imagine. If you like carving, even want a twintip for shredding some small waves, the Select SLS has the outline and shape to help you chuck buckets of spray. Space Flex is making the board light in the tips, making those slightly longer shapes still very playful and rotations easier. The Select SLS, the ultimate freeride board in a sea of imitations. ... elect-sls/

Duotone Select 2023

For 2023, the best freeride board in the business gets a makeover with a new outline that improves comfort on the water, the low end, and the landings. If you are into freeriding and boosting, the Select is the board you need!

Perfect for riders looking to cruise and boost, the Select offers plenty of comfort on the water - with a turn of pace and performance that will excite you. The outline has been made narrower and longer this year; this improves the handling when carving from rail to rail and allows you to hold an edge with ease, and the upwind capabilities are even better. Space Flex ensures the flex is finely tuned to give you a smooth ride and offer excellent pop. The bigger Space Flex window in the tips also adds even more damping, making the board feel like it has suspension without sacrificing performance. The Select is also excellent in light winds and quick to get on plane, offering you plenty of power and performance when you need it. The new shape means you need to choose a slightly longer board to get the improved performance. For example, if you rode a 138/41 last year, you’d prefer a 141/40 this year.
If you want a freeride board that will get you riding earlier, make your sessions smoother and give you bigger jumps, the Select is it! ... ps/select/

Duotone Jaime SLS 2023

Looking for the ultimate freestyle and big air board to take your jumps to the next level? The Jaime SLS is perfect for riders who like throwing down the odd freestyle trick and love to cruise around, but ultimately want the performance needed to get that highest jump record on the leader board at their home spot.

The all-new Jaime SLS is the weapon of choice for the advanced freestyle and big air riders worldwide. The Jaime SLS offers performance in abundance that is easy to tap into no matter what’s your level. Whether you are trying to add another meter to your personal record or trying to take the title at your local spot, the Jaime SLS has you covered. The new shape for 2023, with the SLS construction, combines to offer a fast and dynamic ride that will excite you from the moment you put your feet in the footstraps. The completely new Double Rocker Line Concept and angled fins give you limitless grip on the water, great for blasting upwind and even better for stomping take-offs and getting massive air. There is also a new Double Diffusor Bottom; this helps to break the water’s surface tension when landing your tricks, leading to smooth landings. If you want the ultimate freestyle and big air kiteboard, you need to be on the Jaime SLS; it’s been delivering smiles for miles to lucky riders all over the globe for years and this year it has gotten even better. ... jaime-sls/

Duotone Jaime 2023

The most popular freestyle kiteboard in history gets a fresh makeover for 2023 with a new shape and updated construction. Perfect for riders who want to boost big air, throw the latest freestyle tricks and have loads of fun on the water!

The freestyle board that started a revolution, the Jaime hit the market back in 2005 and forever changed the way we thought about kiteboards. Fast forward 17 years, and it’s still turning heads and leading the charge in terms of performance. 2023 sees many new features that increase the amount of fun you can have on the water. The new Double Rocker Line Concept and angled fins give you limitless grip on the water, great for blasting upwind but even better for stomping take-offs and getting massive air. There is also a new Double Diffusor Bottom; this helps to break the surface tension of the water when you land your tricks. In terms of construction, the board features a Carbon Web and a new Torsion Flex Cap, both elements combine to improve the control and responsiveness on the water, leading to a more dynamic ride. The Jaime may have a lineage that is older than some GKA world champions, but the 2023 model is brand new and waiting to blast you into action! ... ips/jaime/ ... /twintips/

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Re: Duotone Twintips 2023

Postby pistolpete » Mon Aug 14, 2023 9:53 pm

They should also upsize the medium size team series to more like 141x42 or 140x42.5 like they did with the large version. Its too small for average joe who weighs 70-80kg,ie, too slow and pain in low wind. Otherwise a fantastic board apart from durability, broken insert, etc

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