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The Rescue Topic

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Re: The Rescue Topic

Postby edt » Sat Nov 11, 2023 6:02 pm

If you tangle, then he will have a double death looping kite and that's worse. It's more difficult than it seems because it behaves so unpredictably. You see the kite looping clockwise, you ride up to it, time it, get the fins out and right when you are next to it the kite loops counterclockwise, wraps your lines and now you have a double death loop.

Next time you see a death looping kite go catch it, you'll see what I mean.

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Re: The Rescue Topic

Postby Smeagle » Sun Nov 12, 2023 10:16 am

Hmm... You would need to be in a perfect position to be able to slice a deathlooping kite with your fin... I can't think of a way to get into this position if I am not.

Yesterday I got myself into a bad position when trying to help a very young kiter... I guess ~14 years. He was far out, his kite had not enough pressure and inverted, not relaunchable. I rode to the side/backside of the kite and parked my kite to reinvert his kite, but he was not able to hold his edge or control the kite, so the kite went sideways in wrong direction and over me, to the front of me, my kitelines below his lines to the side... Wind was not very strong, this could have been very bad in higher wind... I was able to reinvert his kite and keep my kite on the tip in "parking position" - and pulled out between his lines to the side, so everything went fine, but in retrospect it was a bad idea. The risk was too high, as he would have just been pulled to land after some time (onshore wind) and would have been able to walk home without problem.

But I expected a kiter so far out to have more control of board and kite, even if he is a young person, but I was wrong.

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