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Noob question: Does board length matter if width is similar?

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Re: Noob question: Does board length matter if width is similar?

Postby Blackened » Fri Jan 26, 2024 2:06 am

pcrsq wrote:
Fri Jan 26, 2024 12:07 am
Blackened wrote: Board size is very personal. My general rule of thumb has been width for weight (or learning) and length for height.

At 190cm riding big air, I struggle with 136 or below on fast landings or in chop as I have tendency to bury the tip. If I'm doing airstyle, I use a 132 as my landings aren't normally quick or way off balance that a larger board would help me save.
Curiously, I've once read the opposite view, when it comes to beginners at least - which is of course in a different universe compared to big air and airstyle. If I remember correctly, the argument went somewhat like this: A taller person tends to have longer feet which helps with edging a very wide board. A shorter person might find it harder to press the edge of a wider board into the water since their heels are further away from the edge of the board. Not sure if that really makes much of a difference in reality.
I've ridden a long skinny board and no problems. A short fat board and couldn't control it. For reference, my foot size is 49/50EU or 14/15UK, 15/16US.

A fatter board makes planing easier, so for beginners it's easier to get up and ride. A longer board basically makes for fore/aft stability. Basically, big board for beginners, personal choice for everyone else.

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