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How many sessions to replace a kite

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Re: How many sessions to replace a kite

Postby Topaz » Thu Jan 25, 2024 3:10 pm

Not many ppl keeps a sessions log. I happen to do. Here are some numbers on some of my kites:

I ride in South Florida, sandy beaches and hot weather. We don't get strong wind very often.
My kites only sit on the beach only between sessions. If I change kite, I put the other away.
I rinse my kites every once in a while, or if I drop them.

2016 North Dice 10m. - 160 sessions. Canopy looks very worn, but flies well and holds air with no problem. I had to replace the struts connection rubber tubes as they dried off.
2014 Naish Ride 12m - 90 sessions. Looks very good. Use only for foiling in around 12knts. I had to replace/reglue valves, but it's an Octopus, so it was to expect.
2019 Slingshot SST 7m. - 36 sessions. Looks like new.
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Re: How many sessions to replace a kite

Postby nafets » Thu Jan 25, 2024 4:13 pm

For paragliders standard practice is to do porosity tests. Those are standardized tests which measure how long it takes for a certain volume of air to pass through the canopy at a specified pressure. The less air the wing can hold, the less it performs.

Going to kiting, same principle applies, just not to the extend in paragliding. Moreover, kites are build using more durable materials. (excluding foil kites, which are just paragliders with closed intakes)

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Re: How many sessions to replace a kite

Postby Peter_Frank » Thu Jan 25, 2024 11:14 pm

Toby wrote:
Thu Jan 25, 2024 2:24 pm
jyka wrote:
Thu Jan 25, 2024 8:46 am
Self launch is the #1 LEI kite destroyer. Second is leaving kite on the beach to take damage from the sun and wind. Would be also good for others kiters to pack kites from launch area when you don't use them.
Answer to the question: in wise usage, kites can take 10 years and hundreds of sessions. Bad usage can destroy it in one summer.
I assume you mean the drift self launch

I dont think so, a drift self launch is gentle to the kite.

I think jyka means the classic slide launch I believe many uses, can be really hard on a kite, if the ground is rough or shells or similiar.

Even the classic tethered launch is really gentle on the kites if a sand beach, otherwise it can be a bit tough on the tips.

I think the OP question is impossible to answer - because as many has said, so many parameters influence.

I never leave kites flapping in the wind, so dont know about that one.

But I have rarely had a kite which has worn out, not even after 10 years of hard use.

Never crash them hard in the water nor the ground though - it can make a huge difference too of course.

And as said, if you are careful with your kites, no reason why they wont last till you find them too old compared to the new ones, maybe 6-10 years later.
(have to add I have more than 300 sessions per year, but not on the same kite of course)

Heat and valves delaminating can be a problem in some areas yes, so it can be a showstopper - or at least needing a "workover" with replacements.

You can be unlucky and your kite "explodes" on the very first session, if you hit a small shell or similar (tried that)

But otherwise they will last close to forever in my experience.

Not that relevant though, as most often you will change it for other reasons.

In really warm areas and high UV it might be different though :roll:

A few kites might "bag out" after years of heavy use, but quite rare in my experience.

Also, I use them for waveboards and foilboards mostly, where the load is really low compared to freestyle - so this can also influence whether they bag out or not eventually.

But almost nobody can surf with their kites for many years, without having some "accidents" destroying something sooner or later.

So rare you see superold kites, but it happens and I know from this forum some has really old kites working just dandy :rollgrin:

8) Peter

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Re: How many sessions to replace a kite

Postby vela99 » Fri Jan 26, 2024 9:38 am

I have two kites with 170 sessions each and they look like they will hold up for another 100 sessions at least.

Generally, I use them in powered up conditions but do not leave them flapping on the ground nor exposed to the sun.
No washing, just keeping it clean of sand and dirt as much as possible when packing.
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