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Landing a surfboard smoothly

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Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby niels-foged » Sat Feb 03, 2024 5:03 pm

I hope this great forum will give advice on how to land a surfboard smoothly after jumping off a wave. I consider, if a heli loop may be a possible way to protect my board and body from destructive landings, or if it will just bring an uneccesary complication into a rather simple move.
My current situation is as follows:
I always use a 5’9 strapped classic waveboard (RRD Maquina or North Wam) even in flat conditions, and almost always have left foot in front, sailing frontside out against the waves and toeside (except for a rare change of stance, when in a need for a long tack in to gain maximum height).
I use 7-10 m2 Pivot kites in 8-13 m/s (15-25 knot) sideshore/slight onshore wind from left, and the wind-waves are from 0.7 m (2’) chops to 3.5 m (12’) heavy disorganized breaking waves. Most of the time I just play in the waves, but occasionally, I give it a go and make a 5-10 m high straight forward nose up/tabletop-type of jump using the wave as ramp. I do my best to land these jumps by sliding the boardfront first after “just hanging there”, but I am not always in control and therefore also have some flat midboard/tail landings and total bailouts. Even when I succeed with the boardfront-landing, it is sometimes uncontrolled (too speedy or edged).
So now I consider using a heliloop during the landing to smooth things out. Will that work? And if so, what will be the best way to do it? Should it be a backloop starting with the kite positioned between “11-12” or a frontloop starting with the kite at “12-1”? To me a backloop seems more natural, since I already “janked” the backhand (right hand), when initiating the jump.
However, please notice, that I have never done any loops during jumps (not even when I “twintipped” years ago), whereas I very frequently make frontloop jibes and other loops with the board on the water. Feel free to advice, if you think, I should do the initial heliloop training on a TT-board, though I prefer not to.
Thanks from Niels

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Re: Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby 1234567Simon » Sat Feb 03, 2024 6:04 pm

This IS a Video Made for you!!!

At least the First Part with the Heli loop...

This IS my Personal Impression ESPECIALLY with Wave Kites...
Just steering the Kite Forward, gives you a very very small sweet Spot...
But doing the Same movement and Just pulling through to a down Loop, / heliloop gives you a much BIGGER sweet Spot

Just my oppinion with Surfboards

And you can start that downloop with Just 1meter high JUMP.... Just Work your way up Higher.....

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Re: Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby vela99 » Mon Feb 05, 2024 10:21 am

Hello Niels,

for smooth landings try to keep some horizontal speed and land pointing downwind. This allows you to have a super smooth touch down. Steering the kite forward just before landing helps too.
Also, I land on the water with the rear foot first as this will put less strain on the board which should be structurally stronger as the board is narrower and you place your rear foot close to the edges.

At the slightest doubt I bail out.

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Re: Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby Herman » Mon Feb 05, 2024 1:36 pm

Do you see the kite when you jump? It is more about timing, alignment sheeting and having the kite moving accross the right spot rather than whether you loop or not. A double movement can be just as effective as long as the kite is not left stalled.

Forward speed can be controlled by how far you carve into wind and how far you send the kite. The feel of this will vary depending on the wind orientation to the wave/ramp.
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Re: Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby knotwindy » Mon Feb 05, 2024 3:51 pm

The simplest way to soften the landing is after the dangle on the way down, with the bar sheeted in, move the kite in the direction you want to go and just before you are going to touch down sheet the bar out and back in again while still moving it in the direction you want. If the board is pointing mostly downwind this will ‘catch’ you just before you touch and ease the contact. It’s not the best way but it’s the easiest.

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Re: Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby vakiter » Tue Feb 06, 2024 2:11 pm

I boost on strapped sb, and knotwindys suggestion is good one. Some kites I weave around others I do just one big forward stroke to catch.

In terms of orientation in air I found tilting nose up or down can be used to control your body rotation. Big boosts with sb catch lot of wind.

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Re: Landing a surfboard smoothly

Postby Herman » Wed Feb 07, 2024 12:46 am

Random thoughts, not advice :

In the photo maybe, it would be better to see the bottom of the board, for better body position and weather cocking the nose downwind.

In cross shore conditions riding of any near critical section straight towards the beach should give you the time to get the kite high and fit in some heliloop style bar control.

If you are happy doing small transition jumps and toeside landing - makes you kill forward speed, motivates you to get nose pointing downwind and motivates you to over send the kite to BZ which puts the kite in a great position to pull a heliloop with the new backhand (old tack fronthand). It doesn't matter if you pull the loop just before or after landing but commit and start in benign conditions. Could use the same principles without transition but don’t start pulling loops if you haven't got the nose pointing towards the kite.

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