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Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:23 am
by Nico
I am trying to build a foil (underwater like in hydrofoil) and need shapes and sizes that work.
Can anybody send me some info?

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 7:25 am
by Mr Jo Macdonald
Hi Nico,

I think they're the pioners of foilkiting, if there's no info on these sites, try contecting the guys and they might just tell, ya.
Watch yer ankles.

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 1:21 pm
by Nico
Thanks jo,
I have just writen to hydrofoils and am eagerly awaiting their reply.

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 1:26 pm
by Mr Jo Macdonald
Did you check those sites? There's some great photos of guys towing into Jaws on foilboards and other stuff.
There's also an ad for a small compressed air bottle to carry with you so if you get held under by a mega wave you'll have something to breath, if it don't smash ya to a pulp on the reef that is.

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