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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 5:08 pm
by Toby
this should be done and we will have less problems at the beaches:


Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 6:08 pm
by Guest

Excellent idea! I always encourage segration of the two sports from one another in the interest of reducing problems. Unfortuantely, it is not always possible though. We have one launch where the kitesurfers launch upwind and frequently cross through the course taken by many of the windsurfers on high wind days. Haven't had any accidents, yet. A lot of the kitesurfers are sort of oblivious about appropriate precautions. I was thinking about circulating the following guidelines. What do you think?

1. Kitesurfers should pass downwind of windsurfers whenever possible.

2. Kitesurfers should be at least 50 m upwind of windsurfers and others before jumping.

3. If kitesurfers must pass upwind of windsurfers they shall keep their kite well above mast height, near neutral while passing.

4. Kitesurfers must use depowering leashes.

The last point is an obvious one, but is important because one kitesurfer has already sent a high speed runaway kite through a pack of windsurfers at this launch.

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 6:36 pm
by Toby
Hi Rick,

To be honest I think this only works at larger beaches.

to your points:
1. agreed (but also depending on the distance)
2. at least 50m
3. agreed, but the problem is that if a wind or kitesurfer comes close and you bring the kite up to neutral you will come closer and closer since you can't keep height, because you can't edge anymore.
4. in Germany they don't use 2-line kites, only at the very beginning or in schools.
But 90% of the beginners buy nowadays a 4-line kite. To be honest, how can a shop sell with a good conscience a 2-line kite to a beginner? For a two line kite you always need THE perfect wind, but where do you have that steady winds? Also for launching and landing it is safer since you can take the power out of the kite.

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2002 6:41 pm
by Toby
Forgot this:

Windsurfers have to accept the kitesurfers and also give a piece of the spot, since many here stay in their direction and always go direct in front of the water access and we can see where we go. I think we will see more signs like this in the future.
We have a small lake where they put out buoys and split the lake this way.

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