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dumb questions

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richard thomas
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dumb questions

Postby richard thomas » Wed Jan 11, 2006 3:38 pm

hey there,
building first board in vacuum and have some questions
Can you use house insulation(rigid pink or blue) for core or is it too hard to shape.
I have one piece of carbon fiber and 3 of kevlar. would I put carbon on top or bottom, and do I need more than one layer on carbon side. Do I need more than three layers of kevlar on bottom.(basically looking for layup advice.)
Do I shape concave and rocker or let the press do it
Do I need to buy release film, or can i use poly and spray with silicon.
can i use old blanket to absorb excess glue.
great forum, you guys make me think I may actually pull this off

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Postby EH » Thu Jan 12, 2006 6:27 pm

I don't think house hold insulation would work, sounds like you are on a budget, try plywood that would be the cheapest, followed by balsa core, and then foam cores.

You can use poly as a release material, but you don't need to spray it, epoxy doesn’t stick to that type of plastic. Just make sure it is clean.

The breather fabric does suck up extra resin, but it also allows the air to pass through the vac. bag. This is why it is important.

In less you are doing any serious jumps you could probably get away with ont layer of carbon and one layer of kevlar on the top, and two layers of kevlar on the bottom. At that point the kevlar dries so hard, that it would be taking away the flex that the carbon would allow.

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