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Custom build Rocker Table

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards
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Re: Custom build Rocker Table

Postby zob » Fri Oct 01, 2010 11:04 am

Why don't you design the board first and than make the rocker table from the design? Wouldn't it be clearer what elements does the rocker table need to hold the shape of the board when forming?
I also find it strange in the first design in this post, that the rocker table is almost twice the lenght of the board, and twice the width.
I have 2 rocker tables (fixed) 142 X 47 cm and 137 X 47 cm. On the first one I do boards from 135-140 cm long and from 40 to 43,5 cm wide, on the smaller one from 131 to 135 cm long and 39- 42,5 cm wide. After first atempt I had to repair the rocker and the concave, to get great resaults, as I said, for diferent formats too.
OK. You are trying to incorporate a concave into a ˝set-up rocker table˝. I guess this will turn out really poor. I bet it would be better to make an ordinary set-up table, and a bendable, but relativly hard peace to put on, to get a concave. And you would just have to form a couple of different peaces for the concave, you would have all the different sizes covered.

Does anybody have any different design for a set-up table with concave???
How usefull is really the set-up table??? (I don't miss it at all) And again, any optiones for the concave?
Isn't this really a short cut to a rocker table, without any pre-planing. You just make it and than screw the surface into the position. How often do you really set it up? Do you measure and write down the positions of the nuts, to repeat the shape if wanted???

It is hard designing it from scratch, and design it god, but if nothing else, I like it rigid, because I use pressure to laminate, only when applying fibreglass and epoxy, I bag it, vacuum it, straighten the cloth and force out the air, align it on the rocker table, apply pressure, than stop vacuuming.
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Re: Custom build Rocker Table

Postby woodfu » Fri Oct 01, 2010 2:05 pm

Do any of you do more complex bottom shapes? Molded fins/single to double concaves et? Are these possible in a home built set up or do you need a mould/snoboard press for that sort of thing? Or are these shapes made in the core before lamination?

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Postby Larse » Fri Feb 18, 2011 8:04 pm

Cool, you just gave me a good idea on how to make a double concave... :)

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