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My First try at a Carbon & Fomie Board.

Here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards
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My First try at a Carbon & Fomie Board.

Postby Bille » Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:03 pm

This was my Second board ; the first one was the same design
but made of 1/2" Basswood Ply.
It was a 158 X 48.
I cut it a bit large & tossed it into
a Hot jacuzzi for the night, then braced it up on a jig and let it dry slowly.
It was Heavy.
So i made a rocker table mold & built a carbon & 3lb density foam one.
it was kinda OK light, till i learned to jump, that's when i found out about extra
shear-web under the heal.

It is still my favorite board in light wind cause i can ride it flat & still upwind ;
because of the fin array on the heal-side. Turns out I Needed them when first learning
to ride with the prosthetics. All my balance comes from sheeting.

I've ridden it in a 40mph with my 10m PL venom.

I first tried to learn a back-roll on it but couldn't till going down in size to
a 142 Underground. Even on the Underground i need a variation on the same
fins. I use (4), 2" Dolphin at the normal spots but on the Heal-side i placed
a 1.5" X 5" long fin, in front of & to the rail side of the Dalphin. It grips Well.
Too well for a lighter than 212lb rider like me --
but again i Need the resistance with the fake-legs. I took a Bunch to learn to
ride on the double prosthetic ; things like Pidgin-tow instead of a
Duck stance (exc...

UAH -- it's OK to Laugh --
it was my First try at a molded board & i learned
a Lot !! Made it in 2005 . I lost ALL of 2008 in a wheel-chair & started
boarding again in the winter of 2009 .

Copy of Mid basin 5.JPG
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Re: MY First try at a Carbon & Fomie Board.

Postby DrLightWind » Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:57 pm

Nice one :thumb:
How thick and what is the weight of this custom Carbon Fomie :?:


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Re: MY First try at a Carbon & Fomie Board.

Postby plummet » Sat Jan 21, 2012 8:01 pm

care to post up a pick of your mould? i'm about to embark on my first TT build. (built heaps of other types of boards before) looking for mould ideas.

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