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first build give me your opinions

Here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards
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Re: first build give me your opinions

Postby plummet » Mon Feb 27, 2012 4:44 am

longwhitecloud wrote:max 42 wide or toeside riding and general trickery = less control also board slap landings with super wide boards are uncomfortable

32 mm rocker - lightwind twintip works off flat rocker most effectively - raceboards publish volume so comparing twiptip and raceboard widths is not a good idea

bamboo sound interesting - not sure about your tip and centre thickness - sounds on the low side a little bit not 100% sure - i don't know bamboo

(i have shaped and layed up and riden about 40 -50 completely different board designs and hundreds of similar ones, i am always up for learning something new tho..)

"Normally carbon goes on top to stiffen the board and increase reflex. " Carbon is a lot better under tension than compression (ie more effective for strength on base, I would keep top and base layers exactly the same tho and both the top and base can come into contact with similar stresses at some stage. Putting carbon strips between the footstraps to stiffen up this area is asking for a world of trouble as this end point is exaclty where it will snap.

I just chucked out a van load of board making stuff - this made me feel inspired for the first time is years - mind you even the thought of epoxy make me feel sick lol

Thanks Mr cloud. sounds like you have alot of experince. those thickness exclude glass. so i guess it will be around 9mm wasting to 3.5mm at the ends by the time i finish.

Bamboo... well we will find out. its heavier than foam and Paulownia. should have similar strength/flex characteristics as glass.

i am contemplatoing bamboo lower skin with foam smaller upper core.....

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Re: first build give me your opinions

Postby longwhitecloud » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:44 am

cores with non uniform properties can cause big problems. affordable foam is crap under compression compared to wood and is how 99% of old foam kiteboards failed - the upper layer of glass/carbon was under compression and crushed the foam just below the surface causing the board to fold in half.

i think with bamboo the most importnt thing will be no possibility of water entering cos it sucks water soooo hard - so no inserts with any kind of minute gap for water to core and same for sidewalls - water will cause the board to fold in half quickly

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