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Building a Plywood Shinnster / BRM Paipo

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Re: Building a Plywood Shinnster / BRM Paipo

Postby KrisL » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:13 pm


Also, those look like some sharp edges! How did you glass them?

I didn't actually. Or sort of.. The weave is only top/bottom, it was cut just inside at the edge when hardened to semisoft stage (to avoid fringes). Then put some glass on the edge with brush. As you can se in one of the pics, the edge didn't get too much attention :wink:

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Re: Building a Plywood Shinnster / BRM Paipo

Postby icedub » Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:21 pm

Little progress update for everyone on this (my first) board, the Shinnster Copy. I'm working with 5mm poplar ply from Lowes. I cut the shape out with a jig saw, cleaned it up, and then made a second layer with the router and a flush cut bit. Glued them together to form the rocker, just like KrisL did. Now I'm ready for fiberglass, which I've also never done before. Is it true that I need to put a layer of epoxy on the wood first so that it doesn't soak up too much when I put down the glass? Also, planning on using 3.7oz glass- one layer top and bottom and seeing if that's stiff enough for my liking. Any tips on how to do the edges nicely?





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Re: Building a Plywood Shinnster / BRM Paipo

Postby BWD » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:49 am

You might need more layers of glass if you want the glass to add stiffness and resist impact.

The real brm paipo is ~1/2" paulownia strips with 18-20oz multiaxial glass on top and bottom.

With plywood you may be ok with say, 2 layers of 6 oz glass top and bottom.
And you can add more glass or carbon later if too soft.
On rails just sand the glass edge back to avoid cutting yourself on it and seal with resin.

You could do abs , epoxy or Urethane rails but not really needed. it's extra labor, weight and cost. If you make rounded rails you might get glass to bend around them but it's not easy. And maybe not necessary. Plywood is tough enough you can shape it and seal it under 2-3 coats of resin and just touch it up when it gets scratched.

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