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Big wings

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Re: Big wings

Postby tahoedirk » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:52 pm

So far I have only put the 1300 through any paces, and mostly on a windsurfer barely powered on a kids 3m sail. It works well but I only have limited time and patience for tuning. My 11 yr old daughter could get it to lift off every time she tried last session!! yeah I'm proud.

This bigger wing seems to feel and ride every wave it encounters while the sail just sits there. neato! Trying to find it a better rear stab to reduce some yaw and make it track a bit better

I hope to get some time on the 1600 soon. Friends with boats and free time at the ocean are scarce right now.

I really want to get some 6 or 8lb PU foam and try using that for the core in the molds. Not sure if the PU core will be enough at the LE without cloth wrapping the joint to keep the two skins from seperating. I have the molds but I haven't made a big thick wing with a mold yet. I would think 3 layers of 20 oz glued together with expanding 8lb polyurethane foam should be strong enough. I aim to find out!

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