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vac pump (a fridge compressor) problem

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Re: vac pump (a fridge compressor) problem

Postby downunder » Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:54 am

Thanks guys,

all valid points. As said, it is not about the technicality of the setup, ie for fans see:
No vac tank coz worked in confined space for years. That has changed now with a new house.
It is about the new pump which just refuses to start in less than 3mins. That risk I can't take.


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Re: vac pump (a fridge compressor) problem

Postby revhed » Sat Dec 09, 2017 8:43 am

Having been thru my share of old fridge vac sac pumps know well now that some are just better than others and can and will fail when they want.
That said, it is worth checking oil in pump and now I use my best with electronic vac control AND second with no control that vacs so little but does not get even warm on all the curing, as redundant.
At least for me super simple black plastic garbage bags and the thin clear plastic found on most larger appliance shipping boxes works well with cheapest
acrylic caulk gun tube form.
I will never again do ANY lay ups, repairs without vac sac, it is just so much better for adherence and resin ratio.
If I could find a cheap stethoscope would be a nice tool to help find tiny leaks.

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