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How to SFS?/Which measurements do I need for new lines?

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How to SFS?/Which measurements do I need for new lines?

Postby kite_hh » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:11 pm

Hi, I am currently building my own bar and hence need lines. :-)

It won't be a racing bar, so weight is not an issue. I wanted to build a bar that is simple and possibly without chicken loop as I ride waves and never unhook.

My kites are Cabrinha and North, so as I see it all lines are of the same length. Between the kites the Y differs, so I will make a variable Y. Conveniently they both need knots on the end of the powerlines and a larks head connection on the steering lines.

I will install a depower system and am looking to utilize a single frontline safety (SFS).
* Which part could I use to transfer the load from both front lines to the depower line an let the SFS slip through if engaged?
* Should I choose two power lines of equal length and then continue to connect one (with above part) to the depower and let one (the SFS) connect to another line (thinking lark to lark?) and then run all the way through to the bar?

Which exact measurements will I need to provide to someone that makes me the lines? Will they know upon description? How precise are these measurements. Is a cm a crucial deviation?

How do I figure out a reasonable length for the depower line? I could just go with whatever North came up on my current bar. It served me well and I have been happy with that so far. Any thoughts?

Steering lines are probably most easy, since they are both the same. I have not yet decided how to attach the lines to the bar, but I am leaning towards a hole in the bar and then securing it with a larks head.


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Re: How to SFS?/Which measurements do I need for new lines?

Postby evan » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:23 pm

If you make your bar so it fits to four lines of equal length you can just order four lines to the length you desire.

The lines I make are paired up, so left+right within a few mm's difference. But the total length is harder to get exactly due to the elasticity in both the lines and measuring tape and the fact that you can always stretch the lines permanently if you pull hard enough. So the total length can deviate a few cm's

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