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Small crack on Groove board. How to repair

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Re: Small crack on Groove board. How to repair

Postby airsail » Fri Feb 21, 2020 8:06 pm

PVC is a stronger, closed cell foam. Any damage won’t take on water. It is extremely hard, almost impossible to heal dent so no soft spots. It is slightly heavier but is the perfect material for thin foil boards.
But as fas as I know you can’t build a moulded board with solid PVC as it has no give, eg, won’t take on the shape of the mould like a polystyrene cor will. This give, presses the external layers of glass/carbon onto the mould surface and gives a good finish, without it you will end up with air pockets.
I use solid PVC pocket boards, no water ingress if damaged so they last almost forever. But I’m fairly sure they have to be individually shaped and glasses so not ideal for large scale production.
The picture shows quite thick blanks, maybe the Skate is still solid PVC.

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Re: Small crack on Groove board. How to repair

Postby TomW » Sat Feb 22, 2020 6:08 pm


That's a pretty major " crack". If you have local board repair pro nearby, it's worth it to get pro repair, if you want to keep the board a long time, or have good resale value.

To do it well, You will have to grind away ALL of the damaged laminate and crushed foam under. Then build up foam again ( various methods for this) laminate it and do finish. You'll need a number of tools and materials to do it. If you don't have them and Don't have interest in investing in them and learning, then go to a pro.

It's totally possible to do a ghetto fix that will work. But it's kinda like slapping Bondo on a car body dent and sanding it down...
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