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1.5mm dyneema pigtails?

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Re: 1.5mm dyneema pigtails?

Postby nixmatters » Fri Jul 17, 2020 12:13 am

let's put things in perspective
pigtail line.jpg
The actual pitgail in the photo is made from a 2,2mm line and I see absolutely no reason to use a thicker one. Above it is a 2,5mm depower line (one of those running inside a PU tube) - already too thick for a pigtail. I don't have 3 and 4mm lines around, but even if I did I wouldn't waste time to splice them.

What really matters here is the abrasion resistance, which to a very high extent is determined by the 'thickness' of the single filament (~20.000 - 30.000 filaments in a flying line).
In the 2.2 and 2.05mm lines, the filament is ~50% 'thicker' than in a common SK75/78 flying line and almost 3.4 times 'thicker' than a SK99 filament.
*by 'thicker/thickness' I mean linear density (denier/decitex)

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Re: 1.5mm dyneema pigtails?

Postby edt » Fri Jul 17, 2020 1:05 am

Usually when you make a pigtail out of kite line it's done as in the photo above, which is to say there's a splice done so 1.5mm line turns into doubled line. 1.5mm should be enough, but it depends on how the pigtail is made. If the 1.5mm line is knotted where there is bare 1.5mm line then no you can't use it. If the 1.5mm line is knotted where it's spliced and thus basically doubled in strength then use go ahead and use it. Mix matters in the post just above puts his finger on the problem with thin pigtails and that is reduced abrasion resistance. It's not hard to make your own pigtails here are what mine look like:


I start with 24 inches of kite line and it ends up being 3 inches long when I'm done.

It's useful to learn how to make your own pigtails. There's no secret here, and everyone has their own method. I usually make a dozen pigtails per year. Once you learn how you end up making a lot and use them everywhere. I make them out of regular kite line.

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Re: 1.5mm dyneema pigtails?

Postby BillyGoatGruff » Fri Jul 17, 2020 7:53 am

let's put things in perspective
I agree the 2.2mm is fine, the others are way too thin. Naish Dash = 3mm (just measured), Naish Torch = 3.5mm (just measured), Naish Pivot = 3mm, If Naish are using 3mm then that's what I'm recommending. You are factoring in wear from salt, grit, sand etc.

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