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Monofoil carbon 2600

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Monofoil carbon 2600

Postby nemoz » Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:44 am

I started building a normal foil with front back wing and fuselage, then I found on instagram some pictures from Gurval and his monofoil, I decided to go for a low ar version, I will use it mainly with surf and wing, I decided to add a flex tail full carbon because during pumping will add some extra power.
Xps core, unidirectional carbon, +-45 carbon, 0 90 carbon, one single 160gr glass layer on top just for sending. I had no time to build the mast so I order an alu one from gong, in september I will build a carbon pawlonia version.
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Re: Monofoil carbon 2600

Postby loco4viento » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:18 pm


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