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How to make 4:1 Trim System on 2020 North Navigator Bar

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How to make 4:1 Trim System on 2020 North Navigator Bar

Postby JimmyRyder » Sun Sep 06, 2020 6:50 am

Hello guys,

I've been riding different bars throughout the years from Ozone to Sling, Cab, Airush, etc.

The easiest to trim were the Core (has a 4:1 ratio) and some other custom race-bars (also 4:1 ratio).

So on my new
2020 NORTH gear I would like to turn the Trimming System into a 4:1 on my new Navigator bar.

I know that beside the existing parts the bar is made of, I will need an extra
longer line and one Slider.

The new Longer-Line and the Trimming Line will both be connected from the Loop on top end of the Depower Line (right at the cleat).

1) LONGER LINE (new line) - goes all the way through the Front Lines SWIVEL and back down - then the looped end will connect to a SLIDER.

2) TRIMMING LINE - will go through the SLIDER above mentioned line, then come down and through the CLEAT.

My questions are:

a) What type of line to use for the longer line (dynema, spectra, etc) ?!

b) What thickness should this line have ?! (obviously I prefer thinner but strong) :D

c) How long should this line be in order to not screw up the bar setting ?!

d) I know the Leader Lines should be replaced with longer once - How long should those be ?!

Thanks in advance for your input and help !!! :jump:

(this topic is addressed mainly to the Racers that actually did and know this bar setting please)
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Re: How to make 4:1 Trim System on 2020 North Navigator Bar

Postby Herman » Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:40 am

You only need to extend the rear leaders if you want a bigger trim range or if you are going to use a floating single pulley rather than fixed double pulley. Line required is dependent on cleat to be used, length is trim X no of runs plus desired handle (+ allowance for splice or knots).

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