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Self-Build Kilaia Kiteboard

Here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards
Chris Middleton
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Self-Build Kilaia Kiteboard

Postby Chris Middleton » Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:29 pm

Here's a quick heads up on the DIY Kilaia = Kite specific Alaia
These Kilaia boards are starting to become increasingly popular in Europe as a session saver and an alternative / complement to light wind kitesurfing.
Obviously the kite foil is the ultimate light wind weapon however, in shallow water conditions the foil comes somewhat unstuck (don't get me wrong I'm a big foil fan).
But it's also quite technical, costly and numerous kitesurfers find the concept of riding a board with a huge foil contraption attached to the hull intimidating for what ever reason.
I've shaped a considerable number of these Kilaia boards (well over 250 now) so thought I'd share a simple process of how to make your very own Kilaia Kiteboard.
There's a complete set of DIY videos & downloadable proven board shapes that we've been working on for over 5yrs, with sub-titles in Fr, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian plus an extensive knowledge base both in Eng & Fr.

Hope that you enjoy the link - the shots below are of Russell Farrington & were taken in pretty sketchy light winds, he was riding a 15m Cabrinha.
Post storm Frayer if my memory serves me correct, on the south coast of the UK.
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