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Kiteboarding Scenario #6 - Solo Landing or No?

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Kiteboarding Scenario #6 - Solo Landing or No?

Postby RickI » Wed Mar 17, 2004 9:17 pm

You have carelessly stayed offshore too long and have allowed an unforecasted squall to come too close. A black squall line is coming into shore the wind was a nice 15 kts. for which you were about perfectly setup for in terms of your kite, lines and board. The wind is building, gusting up to 25 kts. and rising rapidly in short bursts, ONSHORE. Last week a squall came in just like this and the wind passed 50 kts. in one gust.

You are riding closer to shore doing the odd teabag and have approached to about 75 m or about 250 ft. from the cobble beach and are moving closer rapidly. There is no one nearby onshore to catch your kite. You have drifted down from your launch into an area with a seawall 20 m or about 60 ft. up the beach from the water. There is a large crowd of people moving off the beach and not too far beyond this seawall. The seas are relatively calm and there are no bathers in the area.

The wind seems like it is about to gust very strongly in at anytime ...

WHAT WOULD YOU DO at this point?

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