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Kiter Shark Attack Near Perth, Australia

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Kiter Shark Attack Near Perth, Australia

Postby RickI » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:52 am

Liam is a lucky fellow, all speed in healing. He was kiting, I couldn't figure out if he was or not from the video. There have been very few such attacks up to now worldwide that we've heard about.

"Just back from hospital, as shark bites go he's a lucky lad, after watching it all being cleaned out and stitched a ****ing brave one to, thanks to spot 1, kip and the staff at joondalup health campus.
He slipped off his strapless surfboard in the shallows while turning to go back out, felt a tug on his leg and saw the bronzey before he new it his kite was in the water and the noah had gone, very lucky to be close to shore."

"Liam was bitten by a small 4-5ft shark in shallow water.
49 puncture wounds !! and a few stitches."

"G'day rick
Liam had only just slipped off his board, in the water for a couple of seconds before the bite. In our opinion it was a defensive 'bite and run' from the bronzey. Not to sure about close by seals, there around our coastline as are many sharks especially at this time of year, it happened at 5 o'clock in the arvo, about 90 mins before sunset
Tony "

"Tony you forgot to add the migrating whales moving down the coast this time of year but im not sure if bronze whalers follow the migration??? just BIG WP's

There is a female bull seal (i think) colony north of the location & i think the males migrate up that way annually to party"

"Hi Guys,

There is a known "hot spot" for agro bronzies not far off shore behind the surf at Wedge. They take offense to us spearing there on occassion and make clear their objection.


Apparently he dropped off his board near shore while tacking and was hit in the shallows. It is possible the shark may have been startled by the nearby noise and struck. The bite could have been a lot worse, no major flesh removed fortunately. In these taste and run attacks sometimes a big lump of flesh goes with it or far worse a major blood vessel might be severed. Steve Schafer's attack involved a larger shark which may have made a defensive attack severing his femoral artery.

Feel better Liam!


Liam shredding earlier in the year.

A short video of the 14 year old victim with a lot of wind noise, some cursing too from the cameraman. ... ck/?page=1

A bronze whaler shark

[map]"wedge island" australia[/map]

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