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POV Video - Deathlooping Kite Drags Rider Into A Rock Jetty

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POV Video - Deathlooping Kite Drags Rider Into A Rock Jetty

Postby RickI » Wed May 15, 2013 4:34 pm

RickI wrote:

I had a look at component images and sure enough the center lines were clearly looped over the bar disabling the normal depowering of the kite much less Emergency Depowering.

The wrapped bar. He even had his thumb on it.

Looking at the excessive power and looping of the kite in the opening scene it apparently had wrapped before that time perhaps in a wipeout. The non-responsiveness of the kite to normal depowering was his first tipoff. He didn't know enough about normal kite functioning apparently to pickup on this. The best thing to have done would have been to set the kite entirely free as early as possible or at the latest while it was stalled upside down by the jetty. Activating the primary QR under these circumstances almost assures a bad outcome.

Just before he hit the rocks, at least twice and the side of the concrete walk once. He was a very lucky guy to come out of this.

Getting adequate, QUALITY pro kiting instruction is key, in all cases. When you tumble in a wipeout, EXPECT something to haven been messed up. Work to make sure this isn't the case as it may or may not be. Understand how your gear works and what it should normally look like. Wearing reasonable safety gear can help too, for head and torso impacts. If the kite hadn't stalled in the lee of the jetty he might have been dragged into the water to slam into the side of the far jetty. Coming out of that sort of impact so cleanly seems unlikely in the extreme.

(Thanks to Clew In for posting the video on
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