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Hydrofoils And Sharks

Lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.
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Hydrofoils And Sharks

Postby RickI » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:26 pm

Do the acoustics of planing foilboards attract them or merely improve the visibility so that sightings are more regular? In effect are sharks often in the background in some areas and we just don't notice them as much on other lower board types.

A kiter was bitten on the foot by one a few days ago in Florida seconds after wiping out. Fortunately, it was a rapid taste and run attack with limited damage to the kiter.

Around the same time another kiter in Florida captured a video clip of a small shark making an attack run on his board while planing.

What have foilboarders experienced in this regard? Some have said they strike sharks at times, was this while they were zoning out or swimming intercepts on the kiter I wonder? I have not uncommon encounters while on twin tip boards and directionals. I will say the sharks don't seem to stay interested for very long or move very fast in my experience on those boards.

It would be good to learn more.

More about the attack, incident on video and other observations:


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