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Stance ?

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Re: Stance ?

Postby BigZ » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:10 am

To reiterate previous answers:
- Very few people are naturally, fully ambidextrous, especially when it comes to boarding sports. If you are one of the lucky ones then go ahead - practice a little bit and enjoy front-side riding on both lefts and rights. For most of us it would be very frustrating and in many cases futile effort.
- There is nothing wrong with backside riding. Some may even claim that is more elegant, especially on a powerful top turn. Check youtube for amazing backside riding - with the kite - by Peter Cabrinha, Ben Wilson, Ian Alldrege, and the list goes on.
- My two previous comments are in the context of surfing a wave down the line (with or without a kite). Going out is a totally different ball of game. In my opinion, everybody should learn how to ride on both tacks, jibe and tack unless you are a masochist and like to strain your back and knees :lol:

Pellesurf wrote:
Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:46 am

Some people at the forum seem to have the same issue as me, and others do not seem to understand the problem. Perhaps this depends on how the circumstances are where you usually surf. My homespot is located on the west coast of Sweden. The sea between Sweden and Denmark is a tiny sea where the waves are created by the wind, so the wind and the waves have the same direction, which is usually the west direction, rightside.
Riding waves goofy toeside in this direction is probably not optimal and my question is if I will try to practice and change my natural stance (goofy) to ride regular instead. This is nothing I choose, I have to practice quite a lot first, many surfing hours ;)
In this video, they go waveriding without a kite and that must be an difference because they do not need to look at the wind direction, which is necessary on my homespot, waveriding with kite.

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