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Why Kitesurf race gear is so fast in lightair

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Re: Why Kitesurf race gear is so fast in lightair

Postby Hunqi » Mon May 14, 2012 4:45 am

@Gebi, I'm just corious if high A/R kites would help in light winds because the better L/D :?:
Appears to be in the Olympic there won't be any discipline of free style.
Because race boards are only going in straight line fast so why bother and use the comprimized lower aspect
fluttering lemon kites what the average Joe is using :?:


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Re: Why Kitesurf race gear is so fast in lightair

Postby longwhitecloud » Mon May 14, 2012 6:08 am

Lets not talk about 8knots /5 knots, lets just say it how it was said. These documents excerpts regarding minimum wind were given to Olympic voters that know very little if anything about kiting, they are also read by everyone else considering getting into kiting with no experience and no friends to guide them.

Olympic Evaluation Report

"Little wind (less than 3-4 knots) prevents Kiteboarders from starting to launch (kites may drop into the water)."

so what is less than 3-4 knots? Its 2 knots. Implying to voters/public kites cannot launch but might still be flying in 2 knots. Ah.. but it says kites MAY drop in the water. So in 2 knots a kiteboarding kite MAY still be flying according to the report.

Olympic Technical report

Equipment can be launched in app. 3-4 knots of wind, depending on current, wind variety and surf. Kiteboards can sail and be immediately on the plan from 4-5 knots.

from 4-5 knots is 4 knots

So in conclusion according to the olympic reports given to voters - you can launch a kitesurfing kite in 3 knots, it may be still flying in 2 knots but may have fallen out of the sky, and you can be sailing and immediately on the plane from in 4 knots.

Kiteboarding knows how important it is to say it how it is and not spin fairytale stories of fantasy or confusion towards people that know little or nothing about kiting, voters public whoever. A big part of this is keeping riders safe with accurate information written by highly experienced riders.

I raced yesterday - I won my division. I went out on a raceboard for a warm up then switched to a surfboard and beat a few raceboards yeeew! Smoked them downwind, but they absolutely smoked me upwind of course.

Read the full Olympic reports given to voters to read before reading below and see if you think they fairly and morally (safety wise for example- the picture they paint for families wanting to get thier young kids into kiting for example that know nothing about kiting) represent your sport of kiteboarding, if giving opinions please give your years riding and achievements so others can have an idea of your experience.

Olympic Technical Report >>>>>
Olympic Evaluation Report >>>>> ... 12443].pdf

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